The Olivos

The Core of Olive

You will meet Cristina and Ray for sure. Other healers join our retreat to help us cook food depending on your needs, do massages that feel good to you, and lead you through the perfect exercise or yoga adventure. We will present the whole team depending on which retreat you choose to join. Th

Cristina’s Short Story

A highly educated (MBA, Economics, Spanish and French, Uni. of Stockholm) and successful corporate Brand Manager at Sweden’s largest Mobile Telecom corporation, yet another turning point in her life appeared one day in the form of a loved one diagnosed with cancer on the very same day her first child was born. With birth and disease appearing at the same time, the impermanence of life became suddenly clear to her. The existing forms of healing available weren’t enough and she was forced to find other ways.


She had long before put aside the bad habits of youth and self-pity through the awareness and acceptance of life being part of death, but now a mere interest in health and healing became the total focus of her life. Troubled by what she would find in the conventional medical and pharmaceutical communities, she needed to turn elsewhere for results, and quickly. She soon found promise in alternative avenues and methods, finally settling on Ayurvedic and Orthomolecular Medicine, Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayamas and the meditation of life in all its forms. She has been a devoted disciple to a variety of masters in her lifelong studies (Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bo M. Nielsen, Sri Pattabhi Jois, Sri Ravi Shankar, Dr. Vand and Ray Romestant, being the most important ones), and spent thousands of hours practicing to turn information into a wisdom she willingly shares through her writing and personal meetings.

Natural excercise as hiking and running, and natural, clean vegan food (Dr. A. Wigmore, Dr. H. Clark, Dr. Gerson, Dr. Vant. Boutenko, Dr. Saupe, etc) is an basic and evident part in her life and teachings, but it is not everything. A life without kindness, love and compassion can never be healthy. The eventual cure of her family member, and later others, made her feel hugely grateful and humble for what she was given during this long process of learning and practice. One thing led to another, more people asked for her advice, and even if she never set out to do so, but is not surprised she does, she now devotes her life to sharing her learnings with whoever seeks her help. Her devotion has since helped parents, children, corporations, athletes, models, physiotherapists, business people, housewives, and even doctors, with issues, big or small, that prevent them from being happy, healthy and at peace. She has contributed extensively in her field, and her work is available to anyone who is interested in learning.

Ray’s Short Story

What happens when 175 pounds of physical fitness and robust intellectual energy slowly and painfully fades away over two years of misery until only 130 bony pounds remain? When a mystery to the medical community becomes agonizing nights spent wondering if tomorrow morning was even guaranteed. For Ray it meant seeking survival, and dashing off to another American state where medical care was more open minded and nearly free. There he stumbled upon a German doctor with a less conventional reading list and an open mind.

“A rare form of something irreparable?”Ray asked, after a pile of tests.
“No,” the Doctor replied, “you have Celiac Sprue Disease. Gluten is killing you!”


Thirty days and 45 pounds later, Ray, just as his Olive partners, opened himself to an amazing and event-filled health journey that would take him through 40 countries, dozens of university classrooms, miles of jungle, oceans of love, the highest mountains, the humblest and grandest of temples, pagodas, mosques, churches, and synagogues. In Lesotho he raced motorcycles and dodged bullets during a military coup. In Saudi a terrorist bomb had him clambering over debris and praying for his life. In China he discovered the horror of toxicity and oppression, and the comfort of traditional healing practices, and last but not least, he followed his heart straight out of the boardrooms and HQs of the highest-ranking corporate and government officials to the center of what he loves most: listening to the voices of nature and stories of its people, hearing in them forms and possibilities for healing likely to be undetected by the more conventional ear.


Guest Players at Olive

heart flowers

You will meet loving and caring people at Olive, all with their own quest for health and their individual stories that brought them to join us. All have a special gift to give you like a massage, a green smoothie or a talk. The fundamental dynamics are the same for all of us, but different stories. Only one thing is the same for all of us – we believe that anyone can be healthy.

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