I am so lucky to have found you at a time of my greatest need. You have the gift of making people feel so welcome. I enjoyed and appreciated the beauty of this place the few days I was here. I am grateful for the love you showed me and my family. With much Love.

Katherine – her second retreat

I read your blog from start to finish this morning (well most of it). It is beautifully powerful. This is a book I would buy, as it is but in hardcopy. Thank you for it. So, I have written to you to book in for next week at your Olive. I know you will be ‘working’, but I am so looking forward to time with you. And to peacefulness for me. Fingers crossed a room is still available. Xx Sent from my iPhone

After the retreat:

I had lost 3lbs and have lost a further 3, so this is good. More so I am enjoying the food I am eating sooo much, the soups and pastes are wonderful. And I have done yoga every day and walked lots (with jogging)… This is a huge leap as you know. My fivefingers are due to arrive today or tomorrow!


Yes I have lost weight! And everyone is saying how well I look! Continuing with the Vegan way, although it is very hard when eating  out.
At home today so cooking! Trying to prepare as much as possible, the sun is shining and my thoughts go to that wonderful week I spent at the Olive Retreat oh how lovely it was!
Wishing you a good weekend
Love Deborah


Thank you for your caring, compassion, support and delicious heartwarming happy food. I am very grateful that the course of the river has led me to you these past 6 days – It’s a long ride from here but going down the mountain does seem closer. Unforgettable and inspiring! And its been wonderful to laugh this much! All my love always Ps: I will never look at the stars again without thinking about that truly special night.


“There’s little I can write, that would capture even an iota of my unforgettably unique experience at the Olive Retreat. This can be attributed to the many moments that made it the experience that it was, but equally (in reflection as i write this) in part to the ongoing change I genuinely feel as a result of my time there.  It does that, I mean under no circumstances did I expect that 7 days in the Spanish countryside would be an elixir to my circumstances, however the impact is close to it. If there ever was a word to crystallise my experience, it’d be the word synchronicity. We all in our tumultuous lives of rushing to meetings, planning the next thing, stressing about what socks to wear, and the constant distractions of high technology and cats on pianos…fall in to the trap of restless chasing.  We quite simply forget to be, preoccupied in leading lives of noise and consumption that results in just doing. Doing with out being, and to some degree, meaning. The retreat helped me to stop, listen and learn new skills that realigned my natural rhythm and needs, through a trifecta of mental awareness, nutritional enlightenment and physical agility.  Sunrise yoga, breath taking vistas of Andalusia, soulful food, riverside meditation, sleeping under the stars…I could go on about every intricate moment that will forever be ingrained, but why spoil it for you? It’s an experience that one must personally encounter to understand, craft and value. I am eternally thankful to Cristina, Bettina and Ray, for their wisdom, compassion and patience, and for the enriching life long gifts I take with me.”


Sandra from Southport

It’s very difficult to describe the week I spent in the Retreat, the website doesn’t do it justice, I learned which food products to use, healthy recipes to cook, how to make a face mask out of avocados !!, In Addition I met some really interesting people, a cross section male and female, a young lawyer, a restaurateur all seeking a healthy lifestyle. We went walking together, we exchanged life stories, we watched films that made us laugh and cry in the gorgeous cinema ,and we have all exchanged emails to keep in touch. I could wax lyrical for hours about the Olive Retreat but suffice to say I have returned home relaxed, refreshed and full of ideas to keep healthy and I can only urge you to think seriously about a week at this wonderful place where Bettina, Cristina and Asmae will look after your every need and will send you home with a different perspective on life…(For a full Review of my Retreat please click here)

Nick & Margaret

It was sooo GOOD!!! FANTASTIC! Simply the best! We arrived with no expectations (no time to read up about it properly) and just about everything here was unforgettable, a life changing experience. We will for sure change our diet and focus on breathing exercises and meditation and hopefully maintain the glow you can see in our faces. Thank you for putting us on the right track and changing our lives.


Soulful food, beautifully wild surroundings and lots of love and support – Thank you for helping me to love and find myself xxxxx


It has been the shortest and the longest week in a while – filled with the most delicious food (my diet + kitchen will be forever transformed – bring out the book!)- safe guidance and support and a world of  knowledge really will make a huge diffrence to my overall health. And re-descovering yoga + meditation-am so grateful for that, am officially back in the habit. Thank you – tremendous trio that you are, Thank you


Thank you Bettina, Cristina & Ray for an inspiring and comprehensive journey into myself.

Mrs. P…

…I have already cut down the medication.  No sleeping pills and less pain meds.  I have been trying over ten years to reduce the meds for the neuropathic pain but have never managed to cut it out completely and probably never will.  I may go and see my pain management doctor in London who originally saved my life from the chest pain that was like cut glass all across my chest.  US doctors overprescribed the wrong extra strong pain killers that did not even work and I threw them out and waited to see a doctor I could trust. It took as year before I went to London so I am very familiar with pain.   I never imagined I would ride a horse again, ski, play tennis and golf,  do yoga, pilates and I can do all those things now.  I feel super blessed.  Don’t think I was at the Observe – Release talk so little unclear on that one.



Truly an amazing experience feel great and calm.


I cant put into words how this week has helped me. It has been in so many ways so I simply want to thank Cristina, Bettina & Ray. I promise to take the knowledge + inspiration you have given away with me + use it to make some important changes in my life. May the sun always shine on you.
Jose from Spain
My Olive Retreat was a surprise birthday present from my wife, definitely the best gift ever. This experience was absolutely amazing in all ways. After the six days I experienced an unbelievable feeling of body and mind detox, wellness and what is more important, a truly sensation of adding some of the routine to my every day’s habits. I would love to do it again and fully recommend it to everyone. I would like to thank the awesome team that makes this wonderful experience possible. GOOD LUCK!!!


Dear Cristina, Bettina & Ray, What a life affirming, restorative and happy week. Your wonderful Olive Retreat certainly means I bring bags full of Health knowledge home. You are inspiring and magnetic people – full of health and energy that you inpart to your students. You are change agents. A life changing week with a fabolous collection of people.


To Cristina, Bettina & Ray This has been the most woderful experinece and journey that I will cherish for a very long time. You are all very good at what you do and have changed my life in such a positive way. I feel very priviliged to have met such lovely people and hope to see you guys again in the near future. I have learnt so much and will promise to pick your brains when back in the UK 🙂

Ruth – chronic autoimmune arthritis

I have still had more energy than I’ve had in a long while. The detox was definitely effective and I was particularly sceptical that it would have any effect, so I can’t put it down to placebo! I’ve decided to radically cut down cheese from my diet. I know that it doesn’t agree with my digestion but I persist in eating it and I suspect that it’s been one of the culprits in my low energy because of the effort taken for me to digest. I am working my way through the Honestly Healthy Alkaline cookbook as it follows similar principles and offers me lots of new recipes to try out. I’m getting lots of compliments about my appearance and how well I look. 🙂 My mother is particularly impressed! she always makes me stick out my tongue whenever I see her and is impressed in the changes she sees in it (it’s not something I have paid as much attention to as she has!). She says that I look better than I have done in years. I continue to be pain-free, – this current run is 17 days – and I’m sure that this is related to the gluten-free diet, which is plenty of incentive to stick with it for the foreseable future. I now have the upper body strength to move from plank to upward dog/cobra. this has never happened before (I’m doing some sun salutations daily) – and as you know Christina, I was putting my knees down during the retreat as I didn’t have the strength at that time to do it properly. Thanks again for a wonderful week. I hope to submit my review to Caroline by the end of this week, though I don’t know when she’ll be putting it up online. best wishes, Ruth


I have had a most enlightening week. I came not knowing what to expect and I am leaving feeling more in charge of my life and a great deal healthier. Many thanks to Cristina for her very knowledgeable lectures to Bettina for her wonderful food and Asmae for her healing hands.


Olive Retreat – A treat in every way! I go home a very different person – Thanks in so many ways

FB main pic yoga w text


The passion for health and life shines through in every little detail that Olive Retreat provides!


The accommodation, food, nutrition lectures and mediation sessions have far exceeded my expectations. This past week has been “life changing” for me and this from a person who thought they were already leading a so called “healthy lifestyle”. I am leaving Olive Retreat with the science based knowledge and the skills to look after the body, soul, mind when I return to society! Thank you so much for showing me the light.


Dear Cristina, Bettina and Ray you came into my life at the right time and thanks to your care and kindness I have had a truly inspirational experience. I was hoping to find some peace and tranquility and I am blessed to have found that and more. With thanks and love

Amanda – marathon runner

Hi Cristina, I thought I would just update you on how I’m getting on since my stay with you. Things are good, Im mostly vegan, I have not cooked meat or fish for myself, but have had the odd portion when Im out (prob once a fortnight). Im on almond milk and dont have cows milk or cheese any more. I make my own porridge for mornings and lots of home made soups. I may if I’m not careful turn into a chick pea. I am taking daily multi vit, grapeseed and glucosamine/MSM/chondrotin – this has helped my knee a bit I think.
I have told many people about the experience and how well I feel, many of my team are following the principles I did my marathom last weekend, I followed a structured 3 run a week training programme and also did 30 mins swim or 30 min cycle or ashtanga on other days. I set myself a 4 hour target, I revised that to 3.45 after a recent 1.42 half marathon. I finished the marathon in 3hours 39mins and this is a qualifying time for boston marathon for a woman 10 years younger!. I felt amazing and was over the moon. I have (apart from a bit of a cold) recovered well and will be running again at the weekend. Anyway, thanks so much, my stay with you has really helped me I hope to see you soon, I would still love to come back. I’m glad Susie is coming, I think she will love it.

Much love Amanda

Johannes & Angela from Germany

We learned now mindfulness, mind body energies as well as how to practice compassion and to recharge our cells. Thank you so much! We hope to keep in touch with you! what an inspiring place and what relaxing days…


The week was diffrent to my expectations, more space, more peace. No escape from myself which was ok. Beutiful peaceful location, with nourishing food and wonderful company. Feels detached being here and will be strange going back to reality. Learnt a few useful tricks, facials, bread and lots of chocolate treats!


Hi Cristina!!
I thank you for the wonderful time.  I truly was able to detox and have come back home with renewed energy, ideas, positivity and I feel great.  MUCH better than before.  We have all been meeting each other in the bio store and trying to incorporate the new food into our lives.  My daughter loves it.  I am also taking now an omega 3,6 and9 oil, drinking much more and taking quality supplements.  I have been jogging and meditating  mornings. (My daughter wanted to meditate with me this morning!!  isn’t that great? we sat for 5 minutes and listened to the birds and did the breathing exercises.  So indeed you changed my life.  You are a beautiful person, so strong and positive.  I am hoping that with this renewed peace and strength, life will fall into place and I will find new solutions for my life.
I hope our paths cross again soon.  Let me know when you are passing through Frankfurt, you always are welcome in my home:))




Dear Team, You are doing a super job! How I thank our brothers and sisters from 14bn years ago that you exist and we met! I feel good and thank you for that! Thank you for the horizontal broadening!


Dear Cristina, Bettina & Ray, Wow we have had great days with you! It was inspiring enriching and motivating to rethink about some habits in our lives. “Do you feel like that” will be a major question in my daily life now. I feel great !

Cary & Jason

Dear Cristina, Bettina & Ray The work you are all doing here is just wonderful & inspiring! Thank you for caring and looking after us all and helping us to reflect on ourselves and our choices in life. Wishing you all the joy and success for the future.


Dear Cristina, Bettina & Ray, Thank you so much for all your help this week in understanding how to be healthy, and happy. Thanks for all the amazing food! I will continue at home! The lovely walks and amazing scenery and for making me feel so welcome! Xx


All I can say is a miracle has happened!!! Words cannot express my gratitude to you all! Just overwhelming what I have learned and gained.
Love to all,


Dear all, I have had an amazing week completely relaxing away from the everyday pressures of family life. The food has been amazing and I am taking away loads of new ideas of dishes to produce! i would love to come back in the warmer weather to swim and sunbath.


All good stuff! The beginning of a journey. Lovely food and very relaxing time!


A Revelation! Thank you so much for your amazing instincts and amazing food. Lots to change when we get home!


Thank you so much for your recommendations—–I am going to try to follow as set I can for as long as I can!
I felt wonderful when I got home —-better than I had in a long while despite my little interval! So I thank you so much for the insightful and informative retreat>
Please keep me updated on any upcoming cooking programmes.
I also hope we meet again soon
Once again—-thank you so much for everything


Nice relaxation in beutiful setting! Thanks for the lovely food x


Jaa, kära du. Livet ett drama, spelat av en dåre, som Shakepeare säger. Men min “dåre” kommer till nya plattformar och insikter. Att backa tillbaka till lägre plattformar går inte. Tack och lov. Trots att det oskrivna bladet på den nya plattformen kan skrämma. Men insikt eller upplysning känns alltid befriande. Lugnande för integriteten. Hollywood eller Bolly har gått igenom mina rellationer till män. Nu går den igenom min rellation till mig själv, min integritet, mina älskade och kloka kära och nära. Mina barn por supuesto! Största och den fullständigt konfliktbefriade kärleken.

Den andra formen av “kärlek”, den konfliktdrabbade som jag ägnade mina första 45 år åt, den är jag såå färdig med.


Sladja from London

Time I spent at Olive Retreat has had a lasting effect in many ways, my renewed enthusiasm for cooking being the one I very much owe to you..



WOW! What an AMAZING week, I have loved every moment, From Saturday to Saturday. This place has been life changeing for me, enlightening in many subjects, especially food – it was DIVINE! Just what the doctor ordered! So happy to have met you and my “DREAM TEAM” What fun we have had!


Thanks for everything! Still waiting for the coffee! Setting was idyllic, food was amazing, toilet papaer just lasted, People we met were just brilliant and really made the week! x


House is a a magical peaceful place and the walks around the valley were lifting. Bettina – you have an amazing talent and your passion for your cooking shines through – Definitly “food for thought” The gang were great fun and we hope to hear lots of news bulletins of their progress on their next steps of their journey.


Dreamy for life!



Thank you!!!
I have lost a total of 9 lbs since I got back which is great.
Another 14 to go 🙂
I have stayed away from dairy completely and only drink oat or almond milk.  No meat, but I don’t want to cut out fish or chicken, I just make sure its the best I can buy.  I have cut my alcohol by half, which for now, works for me.  Trying to knock out all the balls at once is just too hard, so I am taking it slowly.


For mor testimonials click here

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