To Eat Instead of Toxic Wheat

On the first day of our September Olive Retreat, the question came; Why is wheat so bad? What does all of this plant science have to do with what’s harming us?  Intense crossbreeding created significant changes in the amino acids in wheat’s gluten proteins, a potential cause for the 400 percent increase in celiac disease … Continue reading To Eat Instead of Toxic Wheat

Wheat is Not Wheat Any More – It’s Toxic

The September Olive Retreat starts today, with health classes like usual. If you have been to my classes you know that for about 15 years I haven't considered modern wheat as natural anymore. Now we know that it isn't. Since consumers wanted a puffy white bread producers gene manipulated the crop to the unrecognizable. How … Continue reading Wheat is Not Wheat Any More – It’s Toxic

Why is Wheat So Bad?

This is a question we often get. The answer I give is that over the years most people, not to say all, notice a positive difference in their health when they stop eating it. That's enough of a reason for me to recommend a wheat-free diet. But if this is not convincing for you, there … Continue reading Why is Wheat So Bad?