The Olive Retreat Facial

I also believed the publicity of fashionable cosmetic brands and bought expensive creams...until I studied chemistry and understood what it was they made me pay for, and pay a lot! When I got out of the shock I realized that we basically pay for the same non-natural harmful chemicals as we find in cheap creams … Continue reading The Olive Retreat Facial

Vanilla Candles Don’t Smell Nice, They Smell Cancer

Next time you smell detergents, air fresheners, perfumes, house hold chemicals, hairsprays, cosmetics, etc, notice what it does to your nose. They don’t smell nice, or clean, they smell allergy, asthma, cancer and other diseases. Our houses are storages of chemical bombs, and most of it in reach for kids to drink. If you don't drink … Continue reading Vanilla Candles Don’t Smell Nice, They Smell Cancer