be empowered by your originality

In linguistics a sign is something that points to something else, and in some way, shape or form, everything is a sign, everything points to something else by virtue of its existence, we therefore always live in interpretation, making sense of signs, understanding say, smoke to indicate fire, clouds to indicate rain, harsh words to … Continue reading be empowered by your originality

Vote for Healthy EU Food

The European politicians know, the governments know, and journalists, and more than anyone the farmers know because most of them would like to get rid of it. But I'm not so sure the consumers know that our food is making us sick from an unhealthy agricultural policy. When they do, it will make the pivot … Continue reading Vote for Healthy EU Food

Want to Do Something Mind Detoxing?

You've probably heard of the big company Monsanto: the one that rules Codex Alimentarius, the so called UN authority that rules you every time you eat, that hasn't got government representatives at all, but representatives from the big businesses ruling agriculture and food production, and much more. They decide what you put in your mouth, … Continue reading Want to Do Something Mind Detoxing?

Olive Retreat May 2014 Starts Today

Today we are greeting the Olive Retreat May 2014 Group. Some are new to us, some are coming back to us. Some want to relax, some want to learn, and some don't know what they want more than that they want. Whatever the reason is to take them into a new experience and learning, it's … Continue reading Olive Retreat May 2014 Starts Today

Do You Like Your Job?

My experience is that the answer to this question, from most people is: No, not really! I know a job is a very difficult area of our lives to change, it's a materialized part as it often implies a responsibility to others too, but think about it; Is there anything more healthy than to spend … Continue reading Do You Like Your Job?

What is Healthy to Drink?

What we drink is more important than what many think so, I'll make a break from all the February Love-blogs today. Instead I'll answer the questions you sent us on what is healthy to drink. The answer is: Water. Yes, that's nothing new. Water is still the most healthy drink and what we consist of … Continue reading What is Healthy to Drink?

The Bigger Picture

  This weekend we hiked up la Concha, the highest mountain (1300 m)  in the Marbella area.  It's so beautiful, so majestic, so hugely vast. Up there, from the top, I feel so small, so insignificant. In a good sense. It's so relieving. At least for me it is a good feeling, like seeing the … Continue reading The Bigger Picture