be empowered by your originality

In linguistics a sign is something that points to something else, and in some way, shape or form, everything is a sign, everything points to something else by virtue of its existence, we therefore always live in interpretation, making sense of signs, understanding say, smoke to indicate fire, clouds to indicate rain, harsh words to … Continue reading be empowered by your originality

Olive Retreat May 2014 Starts Today

Today we are greeting the Olive Retreat May 2014 Group. Some are new to us, some are coming back to us. Some want to relax, some want to learn, and some don't know what they want more than that they want. Whatever the reason is to take them into a new experience and learning, it's … Continue reading Olive Retreat May 2014 Starts Today

Who is Your Guru?

I often met 'Gurus' or teachers when I least expected it. This summer I lived in a beautiful little village in the Andalusian mountains, away from the crowded coastal area, to write my book. It was with both fear and excitement that I knew I had to isolate myself and go away. I both looked … Continue reading Who is Your Guru?