The Raw Spring Olives

What's really keeping you from…? Join our new Olive Retreats and find out what you need to find out. Let us introduce our new and most caring partners, Nina and Chris, both are formed in the yogi tradition and Chris is an acclaimed Raw Food chef. They embody it in every stretch, every step, every bite and every … Continue reading The Raw Spring Olives

First Signs of Sub-Clinical Intolerance

Only the food that makes you energized and healthy is good for you. What that is? Only you know! Even if you take all kind of tests you won’t get the whole picture. What mainstream medicine would call allergy or intolerance is far beyond the time you could have done something about the problem. The first signals … Continue reading First Signs of Sub-Clinical Intolerance

Water Used to Produce Your Products

Meat from all land animals and dairy is probably the most water (and air) consuming product you buy. For 1 kg of cheese it is about 5000 liters. The water 'cost' for a cotton T-shirt is just above 2500 liters and for a laptop to be produced 20 000 liters of fresh water is needed. … Continue reading Water Used to Produce Your Products

Raw Food Isn’t Necessarily “Natural” Either!

If I have a choice I wouldn't elaborate the food more than I have to, so that the nutrients in it to do the best for me. I wouldn’t peel or grate a carrot. I wouldn’t cook what is better for me uncooked. But, I would cook what is best for me cooked! When I’m … Continue reading Raw Food Isn’t Necessarily “Natural” Either!

Vegan Is Not Only Healthy, It Is Right!

At our Olive Retreats, I often say; "You don't need to be part of the culture you live in, think, and do what feels right". To become vegan was a decision I made as a mother too. I never forced my family to stop eating meat but they had to "order" it, write it up … Continue reading Vegan Is Not Only Healthy, It Is Right!

Love Yourself and Become Healthy!

We talk about Love, we want to feel it, receive and give it. But what exactly is love? In the last class at Olive Retreat we talk about Love and all it contains, and what it is for each and one of us? One of our mind detoxing Olive O7Principal Principles, OO7 #1 says: There are … Continue reading Love Yourself and Become Healthy!

Want to Do Something Mind Detoxing?

You've probably heard of the big company Monsanto: the one that rules Codex Alimentarius, the so called UN authority that rules you every time you eat, that hasn't got government representatives at all, but representatives from the big businesses ruling agriculture and food production, and much more. They decide what you put in your mouth, … Continue reading Want to Do Something Mind Detoxing?

The Chakras Give Clues

We all have areas of our bodies that still hold blocked stress released from life experiences that might seem irrelevant but could still remain and be manifesting in the body. Use the chart from yesterdays blog or the Chakra System, to explore some possible areas and the emotions that might affect the body. For example bad … Continue reading The Chakras Give Clues

Don’t Outsource Your Health – Only You Can Be Responsible For It!

We meet many guests that are "surprised" that they got ill, as if they don't understand why. Many have done what they thought was the correct thing, not really aware of who they trusted with their health. Maybe by listening to the doctors, the authorities, the spouse, the mother or read a few articles now … Continue reading Don’t Outsource Your Health – Only You Can Be Responsible For It!

Switch Wrong to Right

Is there anything in your life that makes you feel frustrated, irritated or not at ease when you think about it? Then you might want to read or see a youtube with Gabor Maté, an author and psychiatrist that worked with drug addicts. He explains how after years of practice with the recommended mainstream treatments, … Continue reading Switch Wrong to Right