Bean Paste Can Save Your Life

A study from China shows, as several other studies before, that the victims of the COVID-19 have unhealthy gut flora related to low intake of fiber and/or high intake of substances that kill the flora, such as medication, alcohol, and junk food. As a result, their gut flora, which is a large part of the … Continue reading Bean Paste Can Save Your Life

Shake it, don’t fake it – Olive Retreat Lotion

Nowadays I can't be bothered to learn all about how they produced all products and it they are ethical or not, so I just use organic oils from a small local company to clean, keep moist and nurture my skin. Here is my own 'lotion' with approximate portions;  10% essential oil of your skins taste … Continue reading Shake it, don’t fake it – Olive Retreat Lotion

The Olive Retreat Facial

I also believed the publicity of fashionable cosmetic brands and bought expensive creams...until I studied chemistry and understood what it was they made me pay for, and pay a lot! When I got out of the shock I realized that we basically pay for the same non-natural harmful chemicals as we find in cheap creams … Continue reading The Olive Retreat Facial

Cooking is as Great an Invention as the Wheel!

Cooking is fantastic! Not only because it kills potentially harmful bacteria but also because some nutrients become more bioavailable. When you soak, cook, mash food, you help your digestion so that it doesn’t need to use strong stomach acids to break up the food to get the nutrients out, and therefore they are more bioavailable, meaning … Continue reading Cooking is as Great an Invention as the Wheel!

Wake the Grains Up with Kisses!

Until you soak grains, any grains, they stay dormant. It's life encapsulated and protected with a fiber shell and enzyme inhibitors. These enzymes, a bit bitter in taste, stops the grain from activating this life force, Prana, that it contains. Prana is the force that we call life or being alive, the force or energy … Continue reading Wake the Grains Up with Kisses!

What is Healthy to Drink?

What we drink is more important than what many think so, I'll make a break from all the February Love-blogs today. Instead I'll answer the questions you sent us on what is healthy to drink. The answer is: Water. Yes, that's nothing new. Water is still the most healthy drink and what we consist of … Continue reading What is Healthy to Drink?

1) Eat food, not toxins!

The best detox is the daily one. When you want to become healthier it is great to start with food, as it is often a quick and easy way to feel better, but as I wrote yesterday, don't forget to explore the other parts of being healthy. Here is my first recommendation of the three: on what to … Continue reading 1) Eat food, not toxins!