Soak Them and Get More

At Olive Retreat we soak and germinate grains, rice, beans, nuts and seeds as much as possible and we always do so if we have a guest that has a food intolerance or digestive health issues (i.e. most of the retreats!) We are often asked how to soak and why, so I thought I would … Continue reading Soak Them and Get More

We Offer Body and Mind Massage

Today we start a new exciting Olive Retreat. New beautiful people flying in. Different stories, but often the same worries. We feel honored to be trusted, so grateful to be able to care for them, and help them create their world of peace and health. We give all our guests an Olive Body & Mind … Continue reading We Offer Body and Mind Massage

Pre-biotic and Pro-biotic for Your Microbe Friends

We are walking National Parks of bacteria. On the inside and on our skin, we carry over 100 trillion (yes you read it right!)  microorganisms on us all the time. After the big genome discovery, now we know that this is what really makes us healthy or sick. Genes we can only turn on or … Continue reading Pre-biotic and Pro-biotic for Your Microbe Friends

What is Healthy to Drink?

What we drink is more important than what many think so, I'll make a break from all the February Love-blogs today. Instead I'll answer the questions you sent us on what is healthy to drink. The answer is: Water. Yes, that's nothing new. Water is still the most healthy drink and what we consist of … Continue reading What is Healthy to Drink?

1) Eat food, not toxins!

The best detox is the daily one. When you want to become healthier it is great to start with food, as it is often a quick and easy way to feel better, but as I wrote yesterday, don't forget to explore the other parts of being healthy. Here is my first recommendation of the three: on what to … Continue reading 1) Eat food, not toxins!

Food is Important But it’s Not All

Thanks for all your questions from yesterdays blog. It's great to get feed back, so that I get a chance to clarify. Basically, what I mean is that we all have to start questioning what we want with becoming more healthy. Many want quick fixes to correct their health. We rather spend time taking care of … Continue reading Food is Important But it’s Not All