A Loving Gift to Yourself

Our little gift to you is a mini-health-day á la O·live Retreat for you to give yourself. A simplified version of our teachings that you could try at home, however without our Mind Detox that is the fundamental part of all health quest where we begin with the crucial questions to understand why we don't … Continue reading A Loving Gift to Yourself

Rest – the 4th Pillar of Yoga

Rest - Relaxing is equally important for the whole of us (body, mind, and energy). Sleep is one form of rest, but to keep a healthy body and mind we need to meditate/relax too. It's very clear from science to reduce all types of illness and stress. The moral value of being lazy if we rest, in combo … Continue reading Rest – the 4th Pillar of Yoga

Leaky Gut – the Root to Illness

Just as our bodies, our digestive system is often taken for granted and quite badly treated by most owners until it breaks. As the immune system is largely in the digestive system the consequences and connections to chronic diseases are clear. The physiological indication that we have harmed our gut is when we see that … Continue reading Leaky Gut – the Root to Illness

An afternoon with Michael Milken

This was many years ago and by then I was already a vegetarian, maybe a vegan, I don't remember exactly but I had been hammering into my boss the importance of health, especially if high performance was our goal. We were in Palo Alto to visit the Cisco CEO, and then we drove to the … Continue reading An afternoon with Michael Milken

Separation – the Most Difficult Disconnection

One of the hardest disconnections in my life was my divorce. When my ex husband became more and more grumpy, more and more miserable, he needed a change. I asked him what it was he didn't like in his life. That was the start to our separation. I could see that he was unhappy, I felt … Continue reading Separation – the Most Difficult Disconnection

Disconnect to Get Connected in A New Form!

Connecting means finding homeostasis on the vibrational level through connecting with oneself, other(s), and it's a big (huge) part of healing. It's about allowing to get connected or disconnected, when you need to, on your cellular level as well as on your vibrational. Sometimes you have to disconnect first, then you can re-connect, or connect … Continue reading Disconnect to Get Connected in A New Form!

We Are Connected in Vibes!

The number of atoms in the universe is constant, and they are constantly 're-used' by all life in a sophisticated recycling system. Did you know that the number of particles in us is larger than the number of known particles in the universe! There is an infinite number of connecting possibilities in us, more than in the … Continue reading We Are Connected in Vibes!

Build Lean and Strong Muscles with Plant-Based Food

A question I often get is: Do we get enough protein from vegan sources to build muscle?  The answer is, Yes! First of all we know for sure now that we don't need as much protein as we think (only about 10% of calories) and we definitely don't need animal sourced protein. We can digest it, … Continue reading Build Lean and Strong Muscles with Plant-Based Food

Help Your ‘Molecules of Emotions’ With Mindfulness

Until we know more about our neurochemistry, how to heal and the cause of disease from science projects like BRAIN, we can try the theories we find most logical that we already have access to. At Olive Retreat we believe there are some interesting parts in most ancient and modern theories. As we are convinced that … Continue reading Help Your ‘Molecules of Emotions’ With Mindfulness

Your Brain Activity Shows in Your Body

We all have one dominant part of our brain. If we use the dominant side too much we start feeling anxious and unbalanced. It feels as if we can't fully act out physically (and mentally). Some can't run, and it takes time for the body to get balanced enough for them to be able to … Continue reading Your Brain Activity Shows in Your Body