Sugar Is an Addictive Fat Promoter

Back in nature, sugar (mainly fructose) was rare, and because it is essential for energy production in the cells, our taste evolved to like it. And when we were lucky enough to find it, we could stuff ourselves with it because the body has no mechanism to feel full on carbs, unlike protein and fats. In … Continue reading Sugar Is an Addictive Fat Promoter

First Signs of Sub-Clinical Intolerance

Only the food that makes you energized and healthy is good for you. What that is? Only you know! Even if you take all kind of tests you won’t get the whole picture. What mainstream medicine would call allergy or intolerance is far beyond the time you could have done something about the problem. The first signals … Continue reading First Signs of Sub-Clinical Intolerance

Your Best Alert System

At Olive Retreat we teach our clients to work on their body awareness to find out what is healthy for them, and we use yoga as an evident tool to get it back. We had it as small kids but lost it. The healthier you get the more in touch you get with yourself. At … Continue reading Your Best Alert System

Want to Live Longer?

There is no way any health advisor, of any medical profession, can neglect the statistics that vegans and vegetarians live longer, healthier and slimmer. If they do, they have simply not done their home work. If it is not evident by just looking at a vegan compared with a carnivore we have known this fact … Continue reading Want to Live Longer?

Vegan Is Not Only Healthy, It Is Right!

At our Olive Retreats, I often say; "You don't need to be part of the culture you live in, think, and do what feels right". To become vegan was a decision I made as a mother too. I never forced my family to stop eating meat but they had to "order" it, write it up … Continue reading Vegan Is Not Only Healthy, It Is Right!

Organic Food Contains a Higher Amount of Nutrients

When you read articles saying that there is not much difference in-between organic and conventional food in nutrient content, know what they mean! Those studies only study if a certain nutrient can be found, but not how much of it. That's the clever way for the industry to keeps us oblivious and feed on their toxins. … Continue reading Organic Food Contains a Higher Amount of Nutrients

Want to Do Something Mind Detoxing?

You've probably heard of the big company Monsanto: the one that rules Codex Alimentarius, the so called UN authority that rules you every time you eat, that hasn't got government representatives at all, but representatives from the big businesses ruling agriculture and food production, and much more. They decide what you put in your mouth, … Continue reading Want to Do Something Mind Detoxing?

90% of Information Goes from the Body to the Brain

Last year, President Obama announced the BRAIN Initiative to map activity and connections within the brain and the rest of the body. The budget of $100 million kickstarted a new wave to understand the neural circuits around the body, that are made active when we perceive, think, and act, and how this is connected to … Continue reading 90% of Information Goes from the Body to the Brain

Switch Wrong to Right

Is there anything in your life that makes you feel frustrated, irritated or not at ease when you think about it? Then you might want to read or see a youtube with Gabor Maté, an author and psychiatrist that worked with drug addicts. He explains how after years of practice with the recommended mainstream treatments, … Continue reading Switch Wrong to Right

Amino Acids to Kick a Habit – but First the Sugar!

If you want to kick a habit make sure you get a full spectrum of nutrition, always starting with basic vitamins and minerals (see previous blogs). Nicotine, caffeine, work, alcohol, sugar, junk food, over-eating, medicine, shopping, sex, uppers, downers, cannabis, TV-series - what ever the addiction is, it's much easier to get rid of it when eating healthy … Continue reading Amino Acids to Kick a Habit – but First the Sugar!