gone today, here tomorrow

this painting came by surprise, as does so much of our lives, just when we've finalized our plans, someone appears, or disappears, something we hadn’t counted on, something we couldn’t have. for us at Olive, because change is the only constant, surprises are the status quo, whichever way they should fall, into our living rooms or … Continue reading gone today, here tomorrow

Cooking is as Great an Invention as the Wheel!

Cooking is fantastic! Not only because it kills potentially harmful bacteria but also because some nutrients become more bioavailable. When you soak, cook, mash food, you help your digestion so that it doesn’t need to use strong stomach acids to break up the food to get the nutrients out, and therefore they are more bioavailable, meaning … Continue reading Cooking is as Great an Invention as the Wheel!

A (Vege)-tarian Isn’t Necessarily Healthy!

A common mistake people make, is to assume that if someone is vegetarian, fruitarian, pescatarian (see yesterdays blog) or any other  -tarian, that they automatically are healthy, but that's not necessarily true. Someone who eats popcorn and drinks coke could be a vegan. Someone who eats doughnuts and drinks coffee all day is an ovo-vegetarian, or … Continue reading A (Vege)-tarian Isn’t Necessarily Healthy!

Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Plantarian and All the Other -Tarians

When I stopped eating meat I was called vegetarian. That was about 20 years ago. Today I would be called a vegan by most people. A vegan does not buy any leather products, nor use or eat anything that requires killing or hurting animals. I use all my old leather products until they are no … Continue reading Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Plantarian and All the Other -Tarians

Do Your Mind Detox

In the Mind Detox Program we use the ancient Vedic method of Ashtanga Yoga but any constructive thinking is good. The first step called Yama, is where you begin thinking about your own actions and come up with your own ideas of what is important for you. It is often translated into the 'moral codes'. … Continue reading Do Your Mind Detox

To be vegan is to unify the selves

I lost my ability to distinguish myself from those I love, And in those I love, I feel my many selves, When they suffer, I suffer, When they are glad, I am glad, In the lives of those I love, I am. One of those I love, is a small border collie, in whose brown … Continue reading To be vegan is to unify the selves

Organic Food Contains a Higher Amount of Nutrients

When you read articles saying that there is not much difference in-between organic and conventional food in nutrient content, know what they mean! Those studies only study if a certain nutrient can be found, but not how much of it. That's the clever way for the industry to keeps us oblivious and feed on their toxins. … Continue reading Organic Food Contains a Higher Amount of Nutrients

Organic vs Pesticide Food

Actually it's called organic vs conventional food, so if you google information to find out if it's worth buying organic you will find the word "conventional" as opposite to organic agriculture. That irritates me. A lot! Conventional since when? Conventional meaning everyone does it? This is the fundamental problem. We have been made to believe … Continue reading Organic vs Pesticide Food

Soon We Won’t Have Any Apples

Each time we buy non-organic food we buy pesticides, and most probably food from an industrialized production meaning monoculture, chemical fertilizers, etc. All this leads to huge problems. Not only for your health but for others as well. One little servant that is absolutely necessary for us, is the bee. Every year 30% of the … Continue reading Soon We Won’t Have Any Apples

Want to Do Something Mind Detoxing?

You've probably heard of the big company Monsanto: the one that rules Codex Alimentarius, the so called UN authority that rules you every time you eat, that hasn't got government representatives at all, but representatives from the big businesses ruling agriculture and food production, and much more. They decide what you put in your mouth, … Continue reading Want to Do Something Mind Detoxing?