ourselves as eons

In this painting from the Tibetan Artist Ang Sang, I first found myself asking where is the center, and then, where is the beginning, 
the first brush stroke, the last. Where does this painting begin and end, I asked myself,
 during the 6 months I fell asleep meditating on it,
 with 4 dogs piled on … Continue reading ourselves as eons

Is the Brain a Noun or a Verb?

That is the question Deepak Chopra asked the Harvard professor of Neurology, Rudy Tanzi, and it was the start of their research on lifestyle as preventative and curing of disease. At Olive we have 7 Principal Principles and #2 goes: We Are a Process not a Product. It's clear what we think of the brain. … Continue reading Is the Brain a Noun or a Verb?

be empowered by your originality

In linguistics a sign is something that points to something else, and in some way, shape or form, everything is a sign, everything points to something else by virtue of its existence, we therefore always live in interpretation, making sense of signs, understanding say, smoke to indicate fire, clouds to indicate rain, harsh words to … Continue reading be empowered by your originality