Merry Huggings 💚 from Thailand

Why not take the opportunity to see beyond the presents and the indulging food, and hug your loved ones over the holidays. Physical affection is healthy, really healthy, but only if you like those who touch you. When I learnt this I stopped telling my small kids to hug someone they didn’t know, or didn’t … Continue reading Merry Huggings 💚 from Thailand

”Do your practice and it will come to you”

There are loads of studies that show the benefits of meditation when it comes to general stress, mood swings, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even pain. Yes! It actually eases pain in our bodies too. The reason is simple. It lowers stress hormones or the bad effect they have on us, and enhances the 'happy hormones' … Continue reading ”Do your practice and it will come to you”