be empowered by your originality

In linguistics a sign is something that points to something else, and in some way, shape or form, everything is a sign, everything points to something else by virtue of its existence, we therefore always live in interpretation, making sense of signs, understanding say, smoke to indicate fire, clouds to indicate rain, harsh words to … Continue reading be empowered by your originality

Geckos are huge, really

it’s normal to see the universe from our human perspective, where geckos are small creatures, and we, relatively big, but small at the same time, if standing near, say an elephant, or under a giant tree. one day this gecko egg dropped at my feet, and i sat down on the grass and marveled at … Continue reading Geckos are huge, really

Lose “weight”, and gain everything

We’ve been taught to add pieces to our lives, and exhibit these pieces on our bodies, in shelves in our homes, on walls, too, and even the floor. At these items we have acquired we are told to point and say, look, this is me here, and that is me, there, see how far I’ve … Continue reading Lose “weight”, and gain everything

kindly running

Life was feeling pretty hopeless at this point, I was so far behind I was ahead, The lovely lady in green behind me, I followed until the hill below us, Confirmed the theory of our gravity. I didn’t even try to win because I knew I couldn’t, Not cross the finish line first, win, which … Continue reading kindly running

Forgive yourself, for you are eternal

We are shortsighted in the question of our individual origins, Our parents often being the first step along our calculating paths, Then our larger families, our hometowns, maybe our countries, Our first kiss, the broken heart, jobs we got, Those we lost, If only I had known what I do now. In the divine view, … Continue reading Forgive yourself, for you are eternal

Do Your Mind Detox

In the Mind Detox Program we use the ancient Vedic method of Ashtanga Yoga but any constructive thinking is good. The first step called Yama, is where you begin thinking about your own actions and come up with your own ideas of what is important for you. It is often translated into the 'moral codes'. … Continue reading Do Your Mind Detox

To be vegan is to unify the selves

I lost my ability to distinguish myself from those I love, And in those I love, I feel my many selves, When they suffer, I suffer, When they are glad, I am glad, In the lives of those I love, I am. One of those I love, is a small border collie, in whose brown … Continue reading To be vegan is to unify the selves

You Won’t Get Poor by Giving!

Think about it! If you have ever given, have you felt poor after? If you have, you have probably given money…"only" money. Money is what comes to our mind when asked to give, but there is so much more to give; clothes, shoes, toys, food, things and more things, all which we don't use or … Continue reading You Won’t Get Poor by Giving!

Weltschmerz? Act and Others Will Follow!

Anything from violence, ecological destruction, abuse or what ever gives you "Weltschmerz", can be changed, has been changed and more can be done. I love this word because it describes the feeling of pain from things that we are not directly the cause of.  This fantastic German word means world-pain. A pain we get through we … Continue reading Weltschmerz? Act and Others Will Follow!

Help Your ‘Molecules of Emotions’ With Mindfulness

Until we know more about our neurochemistry, how to heal and the cause of disease from science projects like BRAIN, we can try the theories we find most logical that we already have access to. At Olive Retreat we believe there are some interesting parts in most ancient and modern theories. As we are convinced that … Continue reading Help Your ‘Molecules of Emotions’ With Mindfulness