Seek quality not quantity

Being healthy is about quality as opposed to quantity. Quantity is unhealthy, quality is healthy. Now that sounds really weird coming from us living outdoors, eating rice and beans, sleeping in tents and riding scooters. There is nothing expensive with that lifestyle. That's the whole point. Quality has nothing to do with money or brand. … Continue reading Seek quality not quantity

Give It 100% and Be Happy If It Doesn’t Happen!

If you go for it 100%, try your best, do all that comes to your mind for it to happen, and if you still don't get it, will you be disappointed? Yes, most of us would. But why do we get disappointed? Why do we get sad, angry, or even craving it more with feelings … Continue reading Give It 100% and Be Happy If It Doesn’t Happen!


At Olive we base many of our teachings on Ayurveda, part of the ancient Vedic texts that led to some vastly used medicine, religions and philosophies of today. Ayurveda is a philosophy and is a very pragmatic recommendation on how to live healthy in both body and mind. They described everything in theuniverse as having … Continue reading Love-hate-fear