Do you celebrate the Women’s Day?

We do! Every day. We think about the world we live in, every day. For us it's part of our job, it's part of what we believe is being healthy. There's a lot that is unhealthy with how we are expected to live, and with how the world is being ruled today. We believe we … Continue reading Do you celebrate the Women’s Day?

The Best Detox Ever – Embrace the Chaos Theory!

The Chaos Theory tries to see patterns in chaotic systems created by humans or by nature. At our knowledge so far, there seem to be few things more chaotic than the human heart - speeding up, slowing down, pretty face, scary face…it’s heretic! No rules of our modern society apply to the heart. We don’t … Continue reading The Best Detox Ever – Embrace the Chaos Theory!

Let go of the “letting go” myth

Yesterday in a short note to cheer me up she wrote, "let go of the past; accept the present, and have faith in the future." It all sounded nice to me, and though I had heard versions of it before, I thought I would dedicate myself to the process the next day, beginning with "letting … Continue reading Let go of the “letting go” myth

ourselves as eons

In this painting from the Tibetan Artist Ang Sang, I first found myself asking where is the center, and then, where is the beginning, 
the first brush stroke, the last. Where does this painting begin and end, I asked myself,
 during the 6 months I fell asleep meditating on it,
 with 4 dogs piled on … Continue reading ourselves as eons

Geckos are huge, really

it’s normal to see the universe from our human perspective, where geckos are small creatures, and we, relatively big, but small at the same time, if standing near, say an elephant, or under a giant tree. one day this gecko egg dropped at my feet, and i sat down on the grass and marveled at … Continue reading Geckos are huge, really

When in Istan, do as the Thais do

When I'm not living in Nong Kae Thailand, I live in Istan, Spain, both are small villages sort of nestled in mountains, sort of near great seas, quite similar in many ways, and in others, quite different. In Nong Kae I go to the temple almost every day, to meditate, not that I'm 'religious' in the … Continue reading When in Istan, do as the Thais do

kindly running

Life was feeling pretty hopeless at this point, I was so far behind I was ahead, The lovely lady in green behind me, I followed until the hill below us, Confirmed the theory of our gravity. I didn’t even try to win because I knew I couldn’t, Not cross the finish line first, win, which … Continue reading kindly running

Fear Keeps Us from Kindness

I believe we are all kind and want to be kind. The one thing that keeps us from being kind is fear! Our reasoning mind starts questioning our acts of kindness asking: 'What if I help, will they come back for more?'… 'Will my family approve of it?'… 'They won't understand me if I help!' … Continue reading Fear Keeps Us from Kindness

Detachment From The Outcome Makes Us Creative

If we work hard, can we be OK with any outcome? Of course we can, but we see that it requires some mind detox to reach that point. We need to reach a form of higher perspective, to see the bigger picture. That’s when we don’t take things personally, and we step out of our … Continue reading Detachment From The Outcome Makes Us Creative

If You Can’t Change It – Love It!

There is really only two ways to deal with something we don’t like: Either we change it or we change ourselves. If a job situation, a relationship or a bad habit of ours has reached a point where we dislike it so much that it steals energy from us, we have to do something to stop … Continue reading If You Can’t Change It – Love It!