Rest – the 4th Pillar of Yoga

Rest - Relaxing is equally important for the whole of us (body, mind, and energy). Sleep is one form of rest, but to keep a healthy body and mind we need to meditate/relax too. It's very clear from science to reduce all types of illness and stress. The moral value of being lazy if we rest, in combo … Continue reading Rest – the 4th Pillar of Yoga

Why Identification is Violence

Krishnamurti has probably been one of the most influential philosophers during the 1900's and I think he has said some awesome things which are really worth thinking about. Oh, if you wonder…yes, I do see that he uses 'man' meaning 'person'. It's OK! I try to listen beyond the convention of the time. Gosh! If I wouldn't…I wouldn't have read … Continue reading Why Identification is Violence