Is there a shift? Really!

1995 was the first time I got suspicious of the pharmaceuticals  and the politicians that supported them. I realized how they had hijacked the health care system. Nothing made sense. I was confused. At first I was in denial and I made excuses for them. Surely there must be a reason to do what they … Continue reading Is there a shift? Really!

Is This Health Care?

October 2nd was Gandhi's birthday. It’s a lovely day celebrated by yogis and many others to remember the man who personifies Ahimsa, which means non-violence (Sanskrit, from a ‘non-, without’ + hiṃsā ‘violence’). Ghandi realized that in force and violence we all lose. He asked his followers to deal with their anger through prayer and … Continue reading Is This Health Care?

What is the Most Healthy Food?

People often ask what food is the healthiest. Is it tomatoes or carrots, is it fish or chicken, is it milk or soy milk? Raw or cooked? Carbs or proteins? The half true answer to that is; green leafy vegetables. They are first of all hugely healthy, giving us a clear benefits in the health … Continue reading What is the Most Healthy Food?