Soul Detox and Walking

We often practice soul work combined with body work, a great combo. For example walking in nature, while facing one's illusions. One person came to terms with the fact that she felt entitled to a much better life than she had - she wanted more. More money, more time, better friends, nicer husband... 🤔Dismantling the … Continue reading Soul Detox and Walking

Forgive yourself, for you are eternal

We are shortsighted in the question of our individual origins, Our parents often being the first step along our calculating paths, Then our larger families, our hometowns, maybe our countries, Our first kiss, the broken heart, jobs we got, Those we lost, If only I had known what I do now. In the divine view, … Continue reading Forgive yourself, for you are eternal

Become healthy, and love yourself more

If the mind and the body are one, as we believe they are, then a healthy body means a healthy mind, and a healthy mind, a healthy body. Such that we no longer study ourselves, perceive, witness, try and master. The most interesting thing about health, is that health, like life, begets health. And the … Continue reading Become healthy, and love yourself more