Until Death Do Us Apart

For me it's the opposite, how can you NOT stay friends, specially if there was love, friendship, kids and happy memories. That was my choice. If you loved someone you want him or her to be happy, and stay friends, wouldn't you? Everything else is selfish and wrong for me. What's the difference when it's … Continue reading Until Death Do Us Apart

Separation – the Most Difficult Disconnection

One of the hardest disconnections in my life was my divorce. When my ex husband became more and more grumpy, more and more miserable, he needed a change. I asked him what it was he didn't like in his life. That was the start to our separation. I could see that he was unhappy, I felt … Continue reading Separation – the Most Difficult Disconnection

Detox and Then Re-Connect Wisely

Everything is a constant Connecting and therefore a constant Changing. Life, or to be alive, can be described as how well we share our time and space, in physics called the Theory of Synchronicity. How fast and with whom or with what we connect, both on cellular level and on the vibrational level of us. … Continue reading Detox and Then Re-Connect Wisely

The miraculous improbabilities connecting us

Sometimes the things we are trying to avoid are the very things we might benefit to confront. A good example of this is found in my best friend M-, who has a great job supporting a high-net-worth humanitarian whose goal is to be the largest donor ever to walk the face of the earth. I … Continue reading The miraculous improbabilities connecting us

When the wrong time is the right time

  It costs between $5-$10,000 dollars an hour to fly a Bombardier Global Express, so the flight from Jeddah to Riyadh, plus taxiiing on the runway, takeoff and landing, would have required at least 3.5 hours, for a total of anywhere between $17,500 to $35,000 dollars (and 3 times the yearly fuel consumption for the … Continue reading When the wrong time is the right time

Geckos are huge, really

it’s normal to see the universe from our human perspective, where geckos are small creatures, and we, relatively big, but small at the same time, if standing near, say an elephant, or under a giant tree. one day this gecko egg dropped at my feet, and i sat down on the grass and marveled at … Continue reading Geckos are huge, really

To be vegan is to unify the selves

I lost my ability to distinguish myself from those I love, And in those I love, I feel my many selves, When they suffer, I suffer, When they are glad, I am glad, In the lives of those I love, I am. One of those I love, is a small border collie, in whose brown … Continue reading To be vegan is to unify the selves

Weltschmerz? Act and Others Will Follow!

Anything from violence, ecological destruction, abuse or what ever gives you "Weltschmerz", can be changed, has been changed and more can be done. I love this word because it describes the feeling of pain from things that we are not directly the cause of.  This fantastic German word means world-pain. A pain we get through we … Continue reading Weltschmerz? Act and Others Will Follow!

Your Brain Activity Shows in Your Body

We all have one dominant part of our brain. If we use the dominant side too much we start feeling anxious and unbalanced. It feels as if we can't fully act out physically (and mentally). Some can't run, and it takes time for the body to get balanced enough for them to be able to … Continue reading Your Brain Activity Shows in Your Body

Fear Keeps Us from Kindness

I believe we are all kind and want to be kind. The one thing that keeps us from being kind is fear! Our reasoning mind starts questioning our acts of kindness asking: 'What if I help, will they come back for more?'… 'Will my family approve of it?'… 'They won't understand me if I help!' … Continue reading Fear Keeps Us from Kindness