A Loving Gift to Yourself

Our little gift to you is a mini-health-day á la O·live Retreat for you to give yourself. A simplified version of our teachings that you could try at home, however without our Mind Detox that is the fundamental part of all health quest where we begin with the crucial questions to understand why we don't … Continue reading A Loving Gift to Yourself

Cherry Almond and Orange Cake – Gluten free

olive loves to eat


Made this Cherry Almond & Orange cake the other day inspired by the lovely lagallette its lovely to have on its own or in combo with for example breakfast like I did! I made some changes to the original recipe to fit gluten-free peeps and also used cherries because they were in season.


1 dl almond flour

2 dl cup buckwheat flour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp ground cardamom

1 dl coconut oil, melted

2/3 dl almond milk

2/3 dl Agave syrop

1/3 dl orange juice

Zest of 1 orange

2 tbsp Orange Water

1 cup cherries – used them because they are in season, but you can use plums, raspberries, peaches – your imagination is the limit!


  • Pre-heat the oven to 180C.
  • I use good durable silicone cake moulds – that way you don’t have to grease proof tins or worry…

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To Eat Instead of Toxic Wheat

On the first day of our September Olive Retreat, the question came; Why is wheat so bad? What does all of this plant science have to do with what’s harming us?  Intense crossbreeding created significant changes in the amino acids in wheat’s gluten proteins, a potential cause for the 400 percent increase in celiac disease … Continue reading To Eat Instead of Toxic Wheat

Wheat is Not Wheat Any More – It’s Toxic

The September Olive Retreat starts today, with health classes like usual. If you have been to my classes you know that for about 15 years I haven't considered modern wheat as natural anymore. Now we know that it isn't. Since consumers wanted a puffy white bread producers gene manipulated the crop to the unrecognizable. How … Continue reading Wheat is Not Wheat Any More – It’s Toxic

Cooking is as Great an Invention as the Wheel!

Cooking is fantastic! Not only because it kills potentially harmful bacteria but also because some nutrients become more bioavailable. When you soak, cook, mash food, you help your digestion so that it doesn’t need to use strong stomach acids to break up the food to get the nutrients out, and therefore they are more bioavailable, meaning … Continue reading Cooking is as Great an Invention as the Wheel!

Raw Food Isn’t Necessarily “Natural” Either!

If I have a choice I wouldn't elaborate the food more than I have to, so that the nutrients in it to do the best for me. I wouldn’t peel or grate a carrot. I wouldn’t cook what is better for me uncooked. But, I would cook what is best for me cooked! When I’m … Continue reading Raw Food Isn’t Necessarily “Natural” Either!

A (Vege)-tarian Isn’t Necessarily Healthy!

A common mistake people make, is to assume that if someone is vegetarian, fruitarian, pescatarian (see yesterdays blog) or any other  -tarian, that they automatically are healthy, but that's not necessarily true. Someone who eats popcorn and drinks coke could be a vegan. Someone who eats doughnuts and drinks coffee all day is an ovo-vegetarian, or … Continue reading A (Vege)-tarian Isn’t Necessarily Healthy!

To Be Vegan Is Politically Healthy Too

To be vegan is not only healthy, it's politically healthy too. The subsidies to the agricultural sector in the industrialized countries is going to the sugar, meat and wheat industry. It is the major three groups of food that we eat that cause inflammation in us. We are using our taxes to pay for our … Continue reading To Be Vegan Is Politically Healthy Too

Wake the Grains Up with Kisses!

Until you soak grains, any grains, they stay dormant. It's life encapsulated and protected with a fiber shell and enzyme inhibitors. These enzymes, a bit bitter in taste, stops the grain from activating this life force, Prana, that it contains. Prana is the force that we call life or being alive, the force or energy … Continue reading Wake the Grains Up with Kisses!

Soak Them and Get More

At Olive Retreat we soak and germinate grains, rice, beans, nuts and seeds as much as possible and we always do so if we have a guest that has a food intolerance or digestive health issues (i.e. most of the retreats!) We are often asked how to soak and why, so I thought I would … Continue reading Soak Them and Get More