Is This Health Care?

October 2nd was Gandhi's birthday. It’s a lovely day celebrated by yogis and many others to remember the man who personifies Ahimsa, which means non-violence (Sanskrit, from a ‘non-, without’ + hiṃsā ‘violence’). Ghandi realized that in force and violence we all lose. He asked his followers to deal with their anger through prayer and … Continue reading Is This Health Care?

Fear is Old Technology

My body screamed at me, "Mistake! Mistake! Mistake!" but it was too late. In 8 seconds I had already fallen more than 300 meters and in just 50 more seconds would collide with the earth 12,000 feet below me at 200 kilometers an hour. My life was over. I would never hold her again. I … Continue reading Fear is Old Technology


At Olive we base many of our teachings on Ayurveda, part of the ancient Vedic texts that led to some vastly used medicine, religions and philosophies of today. Ayurveda is a philosophy and is a very pragmatic recommendation on how to live healthy in both body and mind. They described everything in theuniverse as having … Continue reading Love-hate-fear