Picking plastic is healthy

Most people catch up sitting down. They drive to the gym to get some exercise and if there is still time they do social media to sign a petition for some authority to make us (including themselves) stop wasting life on earth (including our own). Why not combine it all, save time and make us … Continue reading Picking plastic is healthy

Exercise – the 3rd Pillar of Yoga

A healthy body is a flexible, energetic and strong body. The same goes for the mind. Yoga Asanas (the postures) is an excellent method to get all three at the same time. It strengthens the muscles, makes the body flexible and with the correct breathing is a good cardio workout, too, like running. Often we … Continue reading Exercise – the 3rd Pillar of Yoga

Avoid pain – Run With Minimalistic Soles

I worked with an orthopaedic doctor for many years, teaching medical professionals about orthomolecular medicine and  medical acupuncture. A major problem for most people above 35 years of age is that they can't run due to pain in their knees or their back. I accepted 'the fact' as everyone else, blind to the logic that running … Continue reading Avoid pain – Run With Minimalistic Soles

Exercise: what does that word do to you?

Phew! That horrible word...bad conscience arising? Or do you feel it is fun and you can't wait until you can get out there? If you feel that it is boring, a 'must-do', it is essential to observe-release first. Otherwise the likelihood that you wil stop doing any exercise is huge, studies say. Exercise is like … Continue reading Exercise: what does that word do to you?