“Internet Has Changed the Way We Live and Learn”

Thank you all in Telecommunications over the years!  Thank you all the internet lovers, for making the market, and all the kids for showing us how to use it. It connects us, gives us a fantastic tool for networking and communication. It allows me to blog for you, and you for me. It allows us … Continue reading “Internet Has Changed the Way We Live and Learn”

We Offer Body and Mind Massage

Today we start a new exciting Olive Retreat. New beautiful people flying in. Different stories, but often the same worries. We feel honored to be trusted, so grateful to be able to care for them, and help them create their world of peace and health. We give all our guests an Olive Body & Mind … Continue reading We Offer Body and Mind Massage

Is Pity the Opposite of Compassion?

When I first saw this TED-talk it seamed clear to me that pity is the opposite of compassion. Compassion is action, it's loving, it's energetic and vital, pity is negativity, it's energy loss, it's non-action. Especially if it concerns self-pity. What stops us more than feeling pity for ourselves? Compassion is where you say; 'I … Continue reading Is Pity the Opposite of Compassion?

Do You Like Your Job?

My experience is that the answer to this question, from most people is: No, not really! I know a job is a very difficult area of our lives to change, it's a materialized part as it often implies a responsibility to others too, but think about it; Is there anything more healthy than to spend … Continue reading Do You Like Your Job?