CVD is Not a Disease, It’s a Dysfunction

You have probably heard of a common cause of CVD that we eat; the so called trans fats. In some areas, like NY, it is now forbidden to sell produced trans fats, i.e. hydrogenated (hardening of) vegetable oils, found in margarine, dressings, cookies, crisps, etc. But they still allow the largest source of these toxins, … Continue reading CVD is Not a Disease, It’s a Dysfunction

Tumours Thrive On Meat

Today no scientist would question that vegans and vegetarians live much longer than meat eaters (No! They are not more healthy than the population in general, they smoke, drink and eat junk as well). Even American government pages recommends us to eat less meat now. That was unseen only 10 years ago but meat consumption … Continue reading Tumours Thrive On Meat