If you love coffee, you’ll love this

I love science. Or better said I love good, useful and logical science. This studie is one of those. The scientists, Annia Galano and Jorge Rafael León-Carmona, that published a study in 2011 that freed me and other coffee lovers around the world from guilt, suggesting that coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants in … Continue reading If you love coffee, you’ll love this

Two reasons to not eat fish

Often we rely on fish or chicken for our protein intake when our bodies shout out that they have had enough of meat in life. It’s much easier for us to digest white, small fish than meat, probably because we have eaten it so much longer as a species. We moved from the centre of Africa … Continue reading Two reasons to not eat fish

Diabetes – the Sugar Disease

When you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar or other sugary treat you probably have a drop in sugar levels for those who eat to much. To keep the high the insulin has to be produced again and again, causing this function to wear out, giving us type 2 diabetes, one of today's most … Continue reading Diabetes – the Sugar Disease