Wheat is Not Wheat Any More – It’s Toxic

The September Olive Retreat starts today, with health classes like usual. If you have been to my classes you know that for about 15 years I haven't considered modern wheat as natural anymore. Now we know that it isn't. Since consumers wanted a puffy white bread producers gene manipulated the crop to the unrecognizable. How … Continue reading Wheat is Not Wheat Any More – It’s Toxic

Our Ice Bucket For (Over) You!

Sorry, no, I won’t share the ALS bucket challenge to raise money. Not because I don’t have a heart, not because I don’t want awareness about the disease, or money given to research treating it. I won’t give money because it is precisely NOT going to research, and the little (about 20%) that goes to … Continue reading Our Ice Bucket For (Over) You!

The Best Detox Everyone Should Do

There are so many good detoxes and cleanses to do. Old remedies, long forgotten by most medical professionals, are slowly coming back because people want to learn more. I love Consumer Power! Detoxes lead to large weight loss too, it's not just a cleanse. of body and mind. As the body keeps toxins where they … Continue reading The Best Detox Everyone Should Do

Raw or Cooked?

What I like(d) about the Raw Food movement was that everything came freshly straight from the tree or the soil. At least 20 years ago! There is no better fridge then the tree, the best way to keep the nutrition. Today there are machines to make all kinds of fancy 'raw' food, even special chocolate … Continue reading Raw or Cooked?

Why Are Plants So Good for Us?

One thing we know for sure is that bile acid is carcinogenic. Bile acid is produced by our body in different forms to digest food, in particular fats and is mainly produced by our liver. The quicker the bile is secreted and then taken away the better. When we eat fats that are hard to … Continue reading Why Are Plants So Good for Us?

Animal-Based Food Makes Us Aggressive and Irritated

Sorry to bombard you with all this vegan food science (but some of you asked for it)! Here is another one showing that it affects your mind as well! As if it wasn’t enough with all my blogs about animal-based food being a clear factor for modern disease.  It has been known for a long time … Continue reading Animal-Based Food Makes Us Aggressive and Irritated

CVD is Not a Disease, It’s a Dysfunction

You have probably heard of a common cause of CVD that we eat; the so called trans fats. In some areas, like NY, it is now forbidden to sell produced trans fats, i.e. hydrogenated (hardening of) vegetable oils, found in margarine, dressings, cookies, crisps, etc. But they still allow the largest source of these toxins, … Continue reading CVD is Not a Disease, It’s a Dysfunction

Stop Blaming Your Genes – 70% is Your Lifestyle

Very often i hear reluctant people blaming their genes, meaning they can’t do anything about their health and so they continue doing what clearly made them ill in the first place. Unfortunately many don’t react when the body have tried to tell them to stop during years, until it’s serious, really serious. I don’t have … Continue reading Stop Blaming Your Genes – 70% is Your Lifestyle

Methionine Restriction Reduce Cancer

The reasons why vegans have a much lower risk for getting cancer, and getting metastasis (recurrent cancer) are many. One is of course because the antioxidants are mainly found in fruits and vegetables and they fight any inflammation which is what cancer is. Most of our disease are inflammation based today; cancer, CVD, mental diseases, … Continue reading Methionine Restriction Reduce Cancer

Want to Live Longer?

There is no way any health advisor, of any medical profession, can neglect the statistics that vegans and vegetarians live longer, healthier and slimmer. If they do, they have simply not done their home work. If it is not evident by just looking at a vegan compared with a carnivore we have known this fact … Continue reading Want to Live Longer?