The Small of god’s Things (OO8, #6)

During the Olive off-season I explore myself in new contexts with a view to developing my sense of compassion, and bettering myself in light of the person I want to be. This off-season I am exploring an old pastime, teaching, here in Thailand where peace is the local belief system's first affirmation. I have three … Continue reading The Small of god’s Things (OO8, #6)

a real man’s divorce story.2

...To prevent the anger from consuming me, to endure the nightmares that would follow her departure for another kind of love and life, I needed a new and very effective belief system, a new and powerful way to see the universe. It was then I would look to the east, something I had always leaned … Continue reading a real man’s divorce story.2

Don’t Stay in Anger – Use the Feeling to Understand

If you stay angry you suffer. If you take a moment to find out why you are angry, you can let go and understand why. Is the problem within you or is it with someone or something else? Understanding is fundamental in compassion, both towards ourselves and others. Compassion is the beginning of lasting change. … Continue reading Don’t Stay in Anger – Use the Feeling to Understand