Ayurveda support the immune system

It's not clear how viruses work and virologists are desperately trying to figure it out to create vaccines, the latest one is for COVID-19 (CV2). What we do know is that they trigger the immune system to send out the big warriors to shoot anything that's suspicious. Sometimes, or for someones this is going berserk … Continue reading Ayurveda support the immune system

Corona prevention – 3 easy things to do

It doesn't matter where the Corona strain COVID-19 virus originated in that it's among us now, though understanding the source of many of these viruses (and other illnesses) goes a long way to preventing them in the future, as well as helping us to remain healthy and strong when and before they do arrive, including … Continue reading Corona prevention – 3 easy things to do

Guilt with shame and blame – the root of all the suffering?

One of the worst toxins, that can harm us as no other, and is so healing when we get rid off, is the famous emotion of Guilt. With guilt comes shame and blame. If we can get rid of those we heal, quickly and deeply. Only then we have a choice to change, and a … Continue reading Guilt with shame and blame – the root of all the suffering?


At Olive we base many of our teachings on Ayurveda, part of the ancient Vedic texts that led to some vastly used medicine, religions and philosophies of today. Ayurveda is a philosophy and is a very pragmatic recommendation on how to live healthy in both body and mind. They described everything in theuniverse as having … Continue reading Love-hate-fear