Cold Brewed Tea

The best way to avoid caffeine and to squeeze out the most antioxidants, is to cold brew your tea. The most beneficial teas are green and white teas. If you leave the leaves to soak in water over night as we do at the retreats you get more antioxidants out. Add lemon, lime, cinnamon, ginger … Continue reading Cold Brewed Tea

Raw or Cooked?

What I like(d) about the Raw Food movement was that everything came freshly straight from the tree or the soil. At least 20 years ago! There is no better fridge then the tree, the best way to keep the nutrition. Today there are machines to make all kinds of fancy 'raw' food, even special chocolate … Continue reading Raw or Cooked?

Why Are Plants So Good for Us?

One thing we know for sure is that bile acid is carcinogenic. Bile acid is produced by our body in different forms to digest food, in particular fats and is mainly produced by our liver. The quicker the bile is secreted and then taken away the better. When we eat fats that are hard to … Continue reading Why Are Plants So Good for Us?

Choose a Good Multi-Vitamin and Mineral

To find out what supplements you need might be boring, but it's not difficult. So give yourself a few TV-free evenings and do your research. The body is a magnificent 'pharmacy', get to know it so you can help it. If you don's suffer from any specific health condition, you don't need to take a test. … Continue reading Choose a Good Multi-Vitamin and Mineral