Sugar Is an Addictive Fat Promoter

Back in nature, sugar (mainly fructose) was rare, and because it is essential for energy production in the cells, our taste evolved to like it. And when we were lucky enough to find it, we could stuff ourselves with it because the body has no mechanism to feel full on carbs, unlike protein and fats. In … Continue reading Sugar Is an Addictive Fat Promoter

Caffein Is A “Nice” Drug

More on coffee - thanks for all your e-mails, I'll try to answer some of them today. From the last blog on this theme, I had questions regarding if I like the taste of coffee. Yes, I do! I even adore coffee and black tea. What I do when I take it away for a … Continue reading Caffein Is A “Nice” Drug

Amino Acids to Kick a Habit – but First the Sugar!

If you want to kick a habit make sure you get a full spectrum of nutrition, always starting with basic vitamins and minerals (see previous blogs). Nicotine, caffeine, work, alcohol, sugar, junk food, over-eating, medicine, shopping, sex, uppers, downers, cannabis, TV-series - what ever the addiction is, it's much easier to get rid of it when eating healthy … Continue reading Amino Acids to Kick a Habit – but First the Sugar!