We Trust in Nature’s Wisdom 

Since 2011 we offer a unique method and individual attention to all guests at our health retreats around the world, to create their own solutions to whatever human (and other) issues come their way. We specialize in helping individuals and groups to achieve their physical, mental and spiritual* dream regardless of the issues. With over 30 years of research and work experience in the academic, corporate and political world, the question we start with is: What do you want? The rest is easy.


Having studied theories from all eras and parts of the world extensively for years, and more so by having experienced remarkable healing journeys ourselves, our knowledge is more than just theoretical. The one thing we had in common was that we “miraculously” healed and we wanted to share our knowledge as an active step towards Health Democracy, the right to heal independent of economic influences.

With proven ways to heal combined with our O· method to fill missing gaps, we focus on the long term, the only healthy term there really is – the environmentally, economically & politically viable one, individualized.

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