About Olive

Olive – Nature’s Wisdom

Nominated as a Top Ten wellness holiday globally, Olive Retreat is known world over for empowering clients from all walks of life to find and live a form of healthy defined by their own needs and desires, and for both body & mind. As much as we would like to claim we know what healthy means for everyone, and own the rights to that knowledge, we can’t. Each of us must decide for ourselves what health means to us. We are all different.Istan olive hoddie

Health starts with acceptance, respect and love for ourselves. We believe it can only be the love coming from within oneself as the longterm viable spring of health and love for others. Otherwise it arouses externally and as everything coming from external sources, even love, it gets twisted into something that is not authentic, something conventional, cultural and something we learnt.

Our magic (see testimonials) is in helping the individual to liberate the health desire within, something we do through knowledge sharing, compassion, and attentive new ways of listening. That’s when you find your core, and that’s when you connect and understand what you want to do to become truly healthy. Your Own Healthy!

Read about our “Self Health” retreats and success stories here.

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