The Frequently Asked

Q: What is an Olive Retreat? (In general)

A: An Olive Retreat is a detox for both mind and body. You learn all you need to know to stay healthy once you get back home too. It is not only about food. Nor about exercise. It’s about why we don’t do what we know we should do.
Our program is based on both holistic and modern medical science, made easy for everyone to understand. It is backed up with scientific research of all aspects. Starting with a health assessment upon arrival, we offer you an individualized program. Then we teach you all you need to know in all areas of health. Once back home we still support you through mail, Skype or other, with all your questions for two months, included in the price. We don’t give medical advice but we teach you how to live healthier so you don’t get need that medical advice we all dread.
Our Olive guests lose weight, detox and look great after only a week; clearly noticeable to people back home. After the retreat they continue to enhance their health in any way they want; see things from a positive perspective, exercise, eat better, drink less, stop smoking and change unwanted habits. They find and do what they want to stay happy, healthy and at peace with whatever life brings. The whole point is to have a choice, and no longer be stuck in a habit.

olive back of el Noque house

Q: What can I expect for me?

A: You can expect exactly what you want, starting by finding out what that is. Apart from that, you can expect a healthier and happier body and mind. The two go together more than most people realize. Health issues, unwanted habits, sleeping problems, being over-weight…is all just a sign of imbalance amongst many. It affects us with less energy, it makes us more prone to further health issues, and sensitivity to any stress.
A healthy living will balance you in the way you need to be balanced, both body and mind. If that is to lose weight you will, if it is to stop smoking, you will. Throughout the week you will detox, get more energy, be more ”in touch” with yourself by learning how and “listening in” through your breathing, your mind, your digestion, etc. Your body knows and tells you better than any expert, what is right for you. We teach you how to get to know and respect yourself.

Q: Why do we need to detox?

A: We all need to detox! Since 1940 we have over 75 000 new human made substances in our environment. Many of these are dangerous and we have them in our bodies. Our biochemistry also produces toxins, like stress hormones, inflammation, residue from digestion, etc. At some point we need to detox or we risk getting more prone to diseases. All healthy living, for both body and mind, starts with detoxing. The weight-loss, mindfulness, and rejuvenation is a bonus!

Q: What type of people come to an Olive Retreat?

A: People of all ages and walks of life come to an Olive Retreat. Whether it is to manage their weight, improve their diet, detox or learn how to handle stress. We have both guests that come with a close friend or family, and guests that come alone. Olive Retreat offers an environment which is very comfortable for people who wish to relax, learn and get time to think.  You can choose to have single accommodation or if you prefer we can match you with people that are gender and age appropriate in a twin room.

Q: Do I need to be fit?

A: No! Olive Retreat has activities that are suitable for all fitness levels. We provide a free fitness assessment level when you arrive which enables us together to create a program that is right “physically” for you. One of the possibilities at an Olive retreat is to learn how much and what kind of fitness is the best for a healthy living. We help you find out what is working for you.

Q: What do I bring?

A: • Comfortable loose clothing • Warm jacket or jumper for the early mornings and evenings, and depending on season • Running, walking or sports shoes and casual shoes, slippers • Swimming costume • Sunglasses and suncream • Personal toiletry articles (no strong perfumes) • Sleepwear • Ear plugs • Journal and pen

Q: Is there anything I should not bring?

A: • Alcohol or any other • Tobacco • Non prescription drugs • Snacks/sweets (you won’t be hungry!) • Computers and other devices (if you can avoid them)


Q: Do I have to participate in every activity?

A: No. Whilst we will encourage and support you, it is entirely your choice as to what you want to join in with and learn.

Q: How should I prepare for my stay?

A: Start thinking! What do you want to learn? Make sure you know what you want to achieve by coming. The Olive Retreat is more about learning what has for many proven to be a healthy lifestyle. We can do wonders but if you are not mentally prepared to change what needs to be changed, there is not much we or anyone can do.

The travel days are long and prepare for waiting at the airport. The transfer leaves when the last flight arrives. We will send you all the information before your stay.

Q: What day and time do I arrive?

A: Check in Saturday is from 16:00 onwards. Check out is after breakfast the last day of the retreat.We provide a transfer included in the price. From Malaga airport it leaves at 15.00 the Saturday of arrival. The meeting point is at the VIPS restaurant in the arrival hall (you can’t miss it!) The ride through the beautiful scenery of Andalusia’s mountains takes about 1h and 15 minutes. If you choose to go to the venue by other means there are other options such as busses from Malaga or a taxi. A taxi from the airport will cost you around 200 Euros.

Q: Will I enjoy my stay? 

A: Yes! We truly think so! We passionately believe in the effectiveness of what we do, and hope that we can give you many new insights and influence your life in many positive ways. Please read the testimonials here and the articles about us here.

Q: Are we a religious group?

A: No! But believe it or not this is a question that gets asked frequently. We have studied cultures, history, anthropology, management, economy, philosophies, religions, conventions, psychology, medicine physiology… Of all we learnt we have formed our own beliefs and ideas on what is healthy. Our teachers have been many, from all parts of the world and all kinds of teachings.
Olive Retreat was founded in 2011, two former colleagues and very good friends. We have all had previous experiences at other business sectors spanning from large corporations and SMB’s to governments, working as leaders and employees. One common aspect we all have is the curiosity for the human being with all its flaws and beauty. Combined with the pursue of health and wellbeing we learnt enough on our life path to know a lot but far from stilling our curiosity to learn more.

It was our understanding of the fundamentals of body & mind health that brought us together and what a positive effect it had on ours and others lives that Olive Retreat was established. We focus on teaching people, not telling, and not doing, on how to lead healthier lives, its a simple as that!

Q: Why don’t you do Juices?

A: Simply because it is not a good idea for someone that is not suffering from a disease. It’s more healthy to eat the fruit or veggie keeping the fiber than juicing it. No one should do juices to lose weight or for a general detox as you lose more muscle mass than fat. It is the same problem with low calorie diets; once you start eating you gain weight as fat. We have another much more efficient method where we offer “Liquid Days” for those who would benefit from it. You don’t believe us? Watch the BCC documentary “The men who made us thin” and try us!


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