Call, chat or mail us!

Ask anything, please! We’d love to talk to you. This is our blog, but at our site you find more information about our. Please go to our site for more information and to check out dates, or send your questions below.

We don’t sell, so you would have to mail or call if you don’t ask as to do so. We are not pushy, it’s not who we are and we don’t like when sellers do it to us so why would we do it to you. We don’t believe health and healing can be “sold.” Health and healing is something we as individuals seek, and eventually find, and when you find Olive you find an opportunity for a greater sense of health and well being. You find the right place at the right time. The only choice you need to make is the very small choice of contacting us or not, and finding out if we can be good for you.

Maybe that call is all you need to make, all we have to offer, all the time we need together. That’s ok. We’re just happy to be a part of your healing journey, whether it’s a five-minute call in which we help you answer a few questions, or a full week with us, or more. In any case, should you wish to join a full retreat in any part of the world, with any retreat providers, we advise you to call and compare, and most of all, feel what feels right for you.

Find your way, but whatever you do, continue looking!

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