New Science: the Brain Detoxes and You Can Help

The science of sleep and neuroscience has show us some pretty amazing things the last years. One of those newly discovered facts that we have been waiting for is how the brain detoxes. You see, there is no lymphatic system in the brain! It stays on the outside of the scull (why it is recommended … Continue reading New Science: the Brain Detoxes and You Can Help

The Good Country Index

“Good, gooder, goodest country in the world” - that’s what this index shows us, as Simon Anholt says in this TED-talk. It’s not a Good, better, the best Index, and it’s not a Happy Country Index they have done either. This is an Index that shows which countries do Good in a global perspective. Not … Continue reading The Good Country Index

400 Million Animals Are Slaughtered Daily!

When I did my Yama-work (mind detox, see yesterday’s blog) the first time, it became very clear that I couldn’t support violence in any form. I tried to find out how I did that unconsciously in anyway, as a voter, a consumer, a citizen. Did I support violence indirectly? I saw many areas that I … Continue reading 400 Million Animals Are Slaughtered Daily!

Soon We Won’t Have Any Apples

Each time we buy non-organic food we buy pesticides, and most probably food from an industrialized production meaning monoculture, chemical fertilizers, etc. All this leads to huge problems. Not only for your health but for others as well. One little servant that is absolutely necessary for us, is the bee. Every year 30% of the … Continue reading Soon We Won’t Have Any Apples

The Blessed Unrest

I often thought it would have been fascinating to have experienced 1968 as a grown-up, and the 70s with all the new ideas and social responsibility born in those years. The peace movements to stop the Vietnam war, all wars, all bombs. The focus on human rights and gender equality, the ecological movement’s awakening. All looked … Continue reading The Blessed Unrest

See the Unseen in This Amazing Video

Our science is limited to the need to observe and see for anything to exist, but it is also this human fundamental desire to understand that made us see the unseen and come as far as we have in exploring the universe. We have always strived after knowledge and understanding. Our curiosity has made us … Continue reading See the Unseen in This Amazing Video

International Women’s Day for Mental Detox

Does emphasizing 'Women's Day' make a difference? Do we get more gender equality, less gender violence and the same salaries as men if we do? I don't know but I hope so. I guess it can make us think about the fact that we are not equal. We probably will never be as long as … Continue reading International Women’s Day for Mental Detox

Is Pity the Opposite of Compassion?

When I first saw this TED-talk it seamed clear to me that pity is the opposite of compassion. Compassion is action, it's loving, it's energetic and vital, pity is negativity, it's energy loss, it's non-action. Especially if it concerns self-pity. What stops us more than feeling pity for ourselves? Compassion is where you say; 'I … Continue reading Is Pity the Opposite of Compassion?

Why is it So Taboo?

Love making - why is it such a taboo? It is so natural, as eating or sleeping. It was nothing to be ashamed of in many ancient societies. There are even texts in ancient religions and traditions about it. For some reason it has been made into a 'bad thing': a taboo.  I don't know … Continue reading Why is it So Taboo?