Unburdening the Macho

We added a new introduction to the original blog you'll find below, in order to make more sense if you got here from our latest newsletter. We chose the wrong role model in building the world. The "king of beasts", lions, was a bad idea. So the colorful, charismatic, wealthy, high earning, loudest, biggest, fastest, … Continue reading Unburdening the Macho

Aromas to stop Anxiety, Insomnia and Aging

Does it surprise you to learn that aromas can heal? That they can change the morning blues to a morning in rouge? That they can reverse dementia and boost your sexuality?  But did you know that producers of aromas can use the power of fragrances to take advantage of consumers? The aroma of fresh coffee … Continue reading Aromas to stop Anxiety, Insomnia and Aging

Seek quality not quantity

Being healthy is about quality as opposed to quantity. Quantity is unhealthy, quality is healthy. Now that sounds really weird coming from us living outdoors, eating rice and beans, sleeping in tents and riding scooters. There is nothing expensive with that lifestyle. That's the whole point. Quality has nothing to do with money or brand. … Continue reading Seek quality not quantity

If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin

Looking good is important in our society! Hopefully looking natural, healthy and happy is getting back into fashion. If you think of it from a historic perspective there has always been some form of mutilation of the (female) body. As my 17 year old daughter said; 'What's the difference in between the Japanese women’s binding … Continue reading If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin

Diabetes – the Sugar Disease

When you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar or other sugary treat you probably have a drop in sugar levels for those who eat to much. To keep the high the insulin has to be produced again and again, causing this function to wear out, giving us type 2 diabetes, one of today's most … Continue reading Diabetes – the Sugar Disease

World Vegan Day – Take On the 30 Day Challenge

World Vegan Day is an annual event celebrated on 1 November, by vegans around the world. The Day was established in 1994 by Louise Wallis, then President & Chair of The Vegan Society UK to commemorate its 50th anniversary. Vegans around the world join together to celebrate animal rights. Animal advocates hold street stalls about veganism, host vegan potluck events, plant memorial … Continue reading World Vegan Day – Take On the 30 Day Challenge

Our Ice Bucket For (Over) You!

Sorry, no, I won’t share the ALS bucket challenge to raise money. Not because I don’t have a heart, not because I don’t want awareness about the disease, or money given to research treating it. I won’t give money because it is precisely NOT going to research, and the little (about 20%) that goes to … Continue reading Our Ice Bucket For (Over) You!

Shake it, don’t fake it – Olive Retreat Lotion

Nowadays I can't be bothered to learn all about how they produced all products and it they are ethical or not, so I just use organic oils from a small local company to clean, keep moist and nurture my skin. Here is my own 'lotion' with approximate portions;  10% essential oil of your skins taste … Continue reading Shake it, don’t fake it – Olive Retreat Lotion

Blissful shopping is not always blissful testing!

If we buy sugar free, we get sweeteners, if we buy colorful food, we get coloring, if we don't want to cook food, we get pre fab with taste enhancers, if we don’t want the water to separate from the fats in lotions and milk, we get homogenizers. If we buy food and cosmetics with … Continue reading Blissful shopping is not always blissful testing!

The Olive Retreat Facial

I also believed the publicity of fashionable cosmetic brands and bought expensive creams...until I studied chemistry and understood what it was they made me pay for, and pay a lot! When I got out of the shock I realized that we basically pay for the same non-natural harmful chemicals as we find in cheap creams … Continue reading The Olive Retreat Facial