A Loving Gift to Yourself

Our little gift to you is a mini-health-day á la O·live Retreat for you to give yourself. A simplified version of our teachings that you could try at home, however without our Mind Detox that is the fundamental part of all health quest where we begin with the crucial questions to understand why we don't … Continue reading A Loving Gift to Yourself

The Pieta – A Symbol of Outsourced Emotional Stress?

Eastertime makes me think of the Pietas, Michelangelo’s Pieta in St. Peters Cathedral in Rome, being the most exquisite one of them all. Look at their faces! See how, even if he sacrificed his life she, the mother, accepted and just loved him. Silently just loved. I wonder how many of his emotions, his frustrations and … Continue reading The Pieta – A Symbol of Outsourced Emotional Stress?

Veganism Changes Yourself and the World

  Did you know that vegan food enhances production of anti-inflammatory substances? It means that we actually have less biochemical stress when we eat vegan food, leading to less stress hormones produced. I agree with Einstein, I often find vegan people calm and less aggressive too. He didn't just mean it from an ecological view … Continue reading Veganism Changes Yourself and the World

Movies That Make You Think

I saw two movies that are totally different and that can give you two different insights. I would never recommend any movie where I didn't see that there is some form of learning offered. There are enough empty movies around. Cloud Atlas is an epic movie about the concept of 'Karma' rebirth and reincarnation. Whether you believe in this or not, it … Continue reading Movies That Make You Think