A Loving Gift to Yourself

Our little gift to you is a mini-health-day á la O·live Retreat for you to give yourself. A simplified version of our teachings that you could try at home, however without our Mind Detox that is the fundamental part of all health quest where we begin with the crucial questions to understand why we don't … Continue reading A Loving Gift to Yourself

Family – emotional strings without content

Many have reported struggling with their families the past few months of lock downs and curfews, some saying that they have realized a lot about their families, including wives and husbands who sometimes have had to face that besides the children, they don't have that much in common. We noticed that the calls purporting to … Continue reading Family – emotional strings without content

Wake the Grains Up with Kisses!

Until you soak grains, any grains, they stay dormant. It's life encapsulated and protected with a fiber shell and enzyme inhibitors. These enzymes, a bit bitter in taste, stops the grain from activating this life force, Prana, that it contains. Prana is the force that we call life or being alive, the force or energy … Continue reading Wake the Grains Up with Kisses!

Weight-loss is About Being Healthy

As I explained in yesterdays blog, being healthy is sooner or later going to give you a balanced body, by for example losing weight if that is what your body needs. What healthy means for you is something you have to figure out. But it is in one way or the other always about 'getting … Continue reading Weight-loss is About Being Healthy

The So Loved Olive Retreat Bread; High protein, gluten and yeast free

Kick-start the new year by not eating gluten. We are all more or less intolerant and most of us feel much better avoiding it. You will feel it in your stomach and see it on your skin. The most forgiving and easy bread to make: Calculate 15 minutes for mixing ingredients for the dough. The … Continue reading The So Loved Olive Retreat Bread; High protein, gluten and yeast free