ourselves as eons

In this painting from the Tibetan Artist Ang Sang, I first found myself asking where is the center, and then, where is the beginning, 
the first brush stroke, the last. Where does this painting begin and end, I asked myself,
 during the 6 months I fell asleep meditating on it,
 with 4 dogs piled on … Continue reading ourselves as eons

the beautiful process of our lives

in this painting i see a woman whose wounds and suffering are causing her to cry, she was inspired by a national conflict in one region, carries identities from others, and yet, in spite of her pain, the mixtures of her form, she has not given up hope, for this i ask why, and wonder. … Continue reading the beautiful process of our lives

be empowered by your originality

In linguistics a sign is something that points to something else, and in some way, shape or form, everything is a sign, everything points to something else by virtue of its existence, we therefore always live in interpretation, making sense of signs, understanding say, smoke to indicate fire, clouds to indicate rain, harsh words to … Continue reading be empowered by your originality

Lose “weight”, and gain everything

We’ve been taught to add pieces to our lives, and exhibit these pieces on our bodies, in shelves in our homes, on walls, too, and even the floor. At these items we have acquired we are told to point and say, look, this is me here, and that is me, there, see how far I’ve … Continue reading Lose “weight”, and gain everything

gone today, here tomorrow

this painting came by surprise, as does so much of our lives, just when we've finalized our plans, someone appears, or disappears, something we hadn’t counted on, something we couldn’t have. for us at Olive, because change is the only constant, surprises are the status quo, whichever way they should fall, into our living rooms or … Continue reading gone today, here tomorrow

Forgive yourself, for you are eternal

We are shortsighted in the question of our individual origins, Our parents often being the first step along our calculating paths, Then our larger families, our hometowns, maybe our countries, Our first kiss, the broken heart, jobs we got, Those we lost, If only I had known what I do now. In the divine view, … Continue reading Forgive yourself, for you are eternal

The Pieta – A Symbol of Outsourced Emotional Stress?

Eastertime makes me think of the Pietas, Michelangelo’s Pieta in St. Peters Cathedral in Rome, being the most exquisite one of them all. Look at their faces! See how, even if he sacrificed his life she, the mother, accepted and just loved him. Silently just loved. I wonder how many of his emotions, his frustrations and … Continue reading The Pieta – A Symbol of Outsourced Emotional Stress?

It’s Not the Power of Now But the Power of Change

Call it evolution, a change that is more an adaptation then an intelligence. Symbolically this fantastic street art, the John Lennon Wall in Prague, is exactly like being healthy. It all begun with the murder of John Lennon and has since then evolved, changed, every day into something beautiful. A girl explained that she walks … Continue reading It’s Not the Power of Now But the Power of Change

The Memories You Feed Your Kids With Is What Forms Them

I'm in Prague with a client, it's my first time in this beautiful city. At DOX, a contemporary art museum, we were lucky to find an exhibition on what is 'Home'. Czech artists showed their idea of what home is. In 2 hours I felt like I got a peak into the Czech soul that … Continue reading The Memories You Feed Your Kids With Is What Forms Them