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From our O8 principles that you can download below you will learn that #7 goes like this: Creativity is the first solution.

We express through words. Words in silence works best for us, and I guess that’s why we are called writers. Ray writes books more than blogs. Cristina blogs more than writes books. In any case we write, formulate our thoughts into words, in silence. Sometimes thoughts and feelings that are hard to sculpture into a form, are sometimes made obvious as our writing takes form. We write to heal, to understand, to express. We write for ourselves, but if you have read this far you might want to keep on reading.

Our blog includes rather than excludes. All we want is to live and let live, say and do as we teach and what we teach is that there is no one truth but as many truths as you can think to ask! We believe most of them are not ours to start with, but inherited. We believe that Health & Happy starts with coming closer to the famous One, but for us this only means accept that we are inter-dependent in the one and the same evolution and history. Keep looking, read and learn. Try ideas and philosophies, walk in them like you would in a new pair of shoes before buying them. If they fit you keep them, if not keep looking.

You’ll find (almost) everything that is part of a healthy life here, both basic stuff and not so basic which might require some questioning from you and explanations from us. You’ll find everything from proteins and carbohydrates to cellular connections and vibrations of love.

Please tell us your truth!

Read our Olive Life Blog here. Or find our digital books that we continuously update at Amazon or Smashwords.

Healthy food doesn’t need to be fancy food! It is actually the opposite in most cases. Some plants are  healthier freshly picked and raw but not all. The best fridge is the trees, so plant-food kept as long as possible on the mother plant, is by far the richest ones in nutrients but why is it that some became healthier for us when cooked? Or what salt is the best for the heart, and how much protein do we really need.O-Book-Cover-Mockup-1

In Olive Retreat Cook book we advice you on the basics to become your own healthy chef with recipes that are easy to make such as Cristina’s gluten free health bread packed with protein or our healthy chocolate mousse with 3 basic ingredients that can be found in every supermarket.

Health is not only about food and exercise. Even if food is a large part of it as we eat at least 3 times a day and most people think of changing their diet before anything when wanting to be more healthy, we believe that in order to be healthy we have to see a larger picture.

Many know that vegetables are healthier than pasta and smokers know that it’s harmful to smoke. The question is why do we continue?

The Olive O8 Mind Detox book is a short read describing 8 alternative “principles” to offer a possibility to get out of our conventional boxes and try a new pair of glasses to see our lives. They are proven very helpful in finding out the root of the choices we make and why. It gives us a healthy feeling of peaceful acceptance and understanding that we are part of the larger picture, of inherited “truths”. Healthy is only possible when we see our choices, and that right is not always right, and wrong is not always wrong. That’s when we stop judging, and can get rid of guilt, shame and blame.

“This was better than 4 years of therapy” – Sandra, Brighton

“You changed my life…I can’ believe it… in only a week”  – Daniel, London

“I will never see time as linear again. Life is a process :)”  – Elena, Germany

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The Olive Retreat Health Guide is the one we use it in our classes at the retreats and work shops to describe all aspects of ourselves, referred to as the five parts of us in Ayurveda (the physical, thinking, emotional, spiritual and the energetic body) and how to “nurture” them all to stay healthy.

Using the major traditions from ancient knowledge and modern science, our aim is to make a “translation” so that everyone can understand how the body works and what it needs. Over 90% of our health issues and disease are based on the same problem – inflammation. How can we lower the avoid the substances and things that causes inflammation? What are the real mechanism behind the health advice we are given?

O Book Cover Mockup-3The focus in the guide is on the digestion as that is where 80% of our immune system is located. Many of our major disease could have easily been turned around if we knew how important our gut flora is and respected it. Learn what disturbs it and how we can read the signals from our body on an early stage telling us that something is just not right before it gets more complicated.

It seems strange that we need to learn how to breathe, eat, think, move rest and sleep in a healthy way but we have to. In a hyperactive society very more of us, both adults and children, are just a reflection of that hyperactivity, is essential to lower our stress hormones as they are one of the major causes of acidity, inflammation and even death. It is so easy! You don’t need to change your life completely, you just have to be aware.

We suggest you start with this guide and if you have questions join us at a retreat or simply mail contact us.


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