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“One of 10 best retreats” – Queen of Retreats

The “Self-Health” Detox Retreat

An Olive Retreat guides you toward a healthier,  more energised lifestyle “as you dream and define it.” We can share our knowledge of how the body and mind work, or don’t work in the modern world, but only you can know what is right for you, and how you wish to implement the knowledge you gain. Our body and mind detoxes are designed to bring you to the place of Self Health, a place of your own healthy choosing. The mind asks questions, but rarely have the answers. Your body does, and we teach you how to read your body signals.

P1000476Whether you focus on the food, the fitness, the theory, the relaxation it’s all about the feeling. Whether it’s to stop draining habits, anxiety, obesity, a sense of being out of control, alone, doomed or simple need to relax in a caring environment – we are eager to be a part of your journey, wherever you come from and whatever you come with.

“Would any other retreat so gently nurture us towards the absolute certainty that had we found another door in life – and if we chose to walk through it – things would certainly have every chance of getting better?” Alan, Spain 2018

We all need to detox, mind and body! We live in a hyper active society, and not only children mirror it and get capital letters in the form of diagnoses. Since 1940 over 120,000 new, man-made substances (chemicals) have been added to our environment, and only a small percentage of those have been tested for their health impacts. Pandemics and other disease is the result of over consumption, pollution and unhealthy habits.

IMG_1809The hyper-expecting and hyper demanding competitive (separation in them and us) society we have created along with the industrial chemicals is also toxic for many of us, and the two are connected. Olive Retreat has developed a method based on both modern science and ancient theory to help clients become more aware of their choices in the modern world, and thereby live more healthily and happily.

When we become healthier, imbalances go, whether they are diseases, allergies, worries, pain, sleep problems, general low energy, obesity – the list goes on. If we only help them, our bodies and minds are the best experts and pharmacies we have.

A fragmented worldview couldn’t be further from the laws of nature” – David Bohm


Olive to You

“Bring Olive to You Retreats” are just that: you bring the Olive team to your location, and we do the rest from there. We customize special Retreats for those who want to explore the possibility of a healthier lifestyle, but for one reason or another prefer a personalized retreat. Together with us, you form a  IMG_5016Retreat program suited to whomever you please, your kids or your parents, your friends or your colleagues. We leave your group with a healthier, more energized and happy bodies, and more creative and peaceful minds.


We have held OtY Retreats in Germany, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, England, Spain, Sweden, and a host of other cities and places. We have done friend retreats, multinational corporate retreats, fundraising retreats, retreats for Ministers and Human Rights Groups, musicians – you name it, and we’ve probably done it. All with one objective in mind, health – for both mind and body!

Don’t hesitate to inquire about your personally tailored OtY Retreat at home or at work, and let us advise you or review habits like exercise, food, breathing, the health of your domestic environments including the use of household chemicals, beauty products, and pretty much everything that can be reviewed from a health perspective. Our Olive Retreat venue is also available for specialized Retreats on sight. Lets plan your very own Olive Retreat!


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