The Vaxicans’ New Clothes – White Robes

Look at the them! They go from black to white, from white to black through history. The self-proclaimed holders of the TRUTH and the oligarchs paying them in today’s temples, the labs, are as dogmatic as they have always been. They adore their rituals, methods and the robes they wear, (including those in normal suits – a civil nineteens century military gear with a tie representing the fallos, did you know that?). How much longer are we buying their propaganda theater and even paying them our taxes to lie to us and oppress us? Haven’t the white and black robes killed enough of our ancestors throughout history already?

Last week there was a tweet about a long row of elders waiting for a booster. One lady walks out after being jabbed and falls dead to the ground. All the others stood looking at her and stayed in line, while white robes picked the body up while another white robe called out Next! Not one elder left the line, waiting to get jabbed.

It is absolutely astonishing to me and my friends how the masses want to be led, indoctrinated and even killed. How hard it is for some to let go of their “normal” and question their authorities. They seem to love being led and poisoned. Are their lives so terrible that they subconsciously don’t want to live? Have they sworn to all their oaths and morals not to commit suicide and now the jab is a legitimate opportunity to end the suffering? Is that why these jabs are so popular? Is suffering the real reason we want to be ruled in a “normal”. If that’s the case the suffering has to be observed and studied as much as the liquid they want to inject, because both are causing a drastic reduction in lives all over the planet, (watch The Highwire).

It only took about two hundred years to destroy democracy, a short lived structure that could have stayed and grown better and greater. However a few key figures in history made sure it got destroyed. Greedy rich made sure to get greedy and maybe stupid politicians in power, who in their turn made authorities with bureaucrats to make the laws and rules so that they could get voted for again by lazy citizens injected with amnesia in the form of marketing, TV, poisoned food and medical drugs.

It’s so obvious to us, but I had to bang my head hard against the “normal” before I woke up. I was part of the masses but at uni while studying economy and history I set off on a journey of skeptical thinking that never ceased, rather the opposite. Later when I worked as a strategist I had developed the skill of following the money. I can identify with those who have chosen to stay in the amnesia: “Please drug me government, please let me believe you care about me, get back to “normal” with fake green policies, my pink ribbons money to more toxic drugs and Disney propaganda. Please let white or black robes tell us what to do so we can continue shopping and eating till we die.” At one point a cancer diagnosis woke me up, and I couldn’t, I just couldn’t do it, my body said No! I took the red pill.

We built a business around the health aspects of being skeptical. It saved many lives and we see through the marketing-propaganda fast enough to map it out and write blogs and posts about it for those who are keen to listen. This time around we didn’t get our site hacked for using the wrong words, or get warnings by authorities in countries that has no tolerance for natural treatments. No, this time we had the social media nagging us with their AI binoculars. Quickly we learnt which words to avoid but still so we were blocked for periods of times on pretty much every platform and now we were warned on YouTube.

They don’t say why but I did post videos about ginger and neem saying that it’s good as a tea when you have a soar throat. Interestingly the warning came in Swedish (we do everything in English from our US accounts) and I guess they have the censorship teams there, right? Nope. Sweden is a one of BigTech and BigSurveillance favorite countries which has the FRA-law allowing surveillance and recently changed the constitution in order to stop reporters and people like us to complain on the government or the nations they cooperate with. It’s a change in line with the NATO requirements they are so eager to join while Swedes believe it is necessary for five minutes of their short attention span before they are back to the sports events on TV bear and sausage in hand. Companies like Google and Facebook have a big part of their surveillance and AI done in Kjula outside Stockholm. It has a private airport and any incognito traveler from the Private Jet Maffia (PJM) can join the work force to control the planet. With amazing tech within those companies (no names here but it’s a large mobile tech enterprise that starts with an E) I worked with while I worked for the largest Nordic telecom operator.

My first major wake up call came with my first suffering and every time accidents, deaths, separation or other suffering appeared I gradually woke up from my amnesia. By the time I worked as a Business Intel Strategist and with Branding. I had learnt the game and every other person who has any type of analytical capacity (which financial strategists like Edward Dowd do or they wouldn’t work there), has pretty much come to the same conclusion. Unfortunately doctors don’t. It’s a numbers game. Follow the money to see who is in power and who is aiming to get it. At this big of a scale with the whole world as the scene we are seeing big movement of power.

When COVID was launched in our Human Drama that makes Shakespear look like a bedtime story, it was our third Planned Pandemic.

Very quickly this fear dissipated when Billy boy appeared and his team of well known liers such as Furness on at the Imperial Collage, Fauci at the CDC, Marks at the FDA and a few “well reputed” PJM-universities in the US and Canada. By the time the Common Wealth countries hooked on it was obvious and we could go back to our “normal” life, except this time the virus mutated into oppression. We had to breath through petroleum derived material, I wasn’t allowed to travel and see my family, not being able to speak out as we were censured. This was unpredictable and quite annoying but soon my digital friends found new ways to express themselves on new platforms. Many left the mainstream now part of the oppression, so did we.

We dug out our analytical minds and started to apply the processes we used to follow the money and it was clear as a chem-trail free Spring sky that the Big Money is up for a re-distribution on the World Monopoly scene and in this game you and I are just pawns. As the “deplorables” previously in history, we were the servants and payers, and we are still their soldiers or the incubators for more soldiers, the same story throughout history. Who ever these rulers really are today will soon stand clear because the amnesia is clearing and the lies are exposed as the rivers in Europe go dry.

Now three years after this WW of re-distribution started we conclude the following, which is really very good:

1. Nothing has changed except more people have woken up from their amnesia. They realize that our high Kings, Priests, PMs and Presidents don’t care about us today anymore than they did in ancient times.

2. People and many Physicians have woken up to the fact that medical professionals are deeply drugged by laws, protocols and loans. They are not free to do their real job to heal and many of them are willingly hurting and going blind in exchange of high revenues, like any psychopath would.

3. Only our mass-awakening from this amnesia and exposing the lies, will lead us to the power over our own lives and take it from the Monoply players, which we call the Private Jet Mafia. We just have to say No! and maybe sacrifice a TV or a credit card.

Yes, Mafia, because that’s what they are if the definition of Mafia is a small group of people who live above the law and steal from others through extortion, threats and murder.

It seams that the Mafia of Big Money has had to move position and we tax payers are caught in their crossfire and paying for it. Just as a mob that operate on the streets (for the upper case ones) the PJM is in a power  struggle within their groups and they probably have weakened leaders as we are actually caught in their fire. Like any predators, the last thing the PJM wants is to be exposed. They hide behind chateaux walls and organisations with Oaths and Robes, carrying out rituals that is part of the amnesia. Like Marlon Brando in the Godfather they don’t dare leave their safety and go out. Their behavior is their family karma and it has been passed on for generations. The driving force is FEAR like the shadow that disappears in light. They wouldn’t be able to get by one day in our world, much less take the subway or read a map but they want to rule us.

The light in this case is us, you and me and all pawns. They are afraid of the masses and what we will do if we knew who they are and what they have done through the centuries. Those families of Mediterranean origin hide behind the Vaxican, the English speakers hide behind the USD and it’s institutions, the Asians behind the Party, the European behind the Royalties, clubs and orders and they all meet in their non elected government forums, such as the WEF, UN and many new order groups.

Like anyone who lives by fear and has money they would seek power in external “forces” such as oaths, ceremonies, symbols, rituals and other superstition they inherited from their equally afraid ancestors. Look at them, they love the robes and oaths, just like the emperor’s new cloths!

So where does this fear come from? I believe it originated in a time when their ancestors were blamed, banned or seen as outcast. Many of these families have at one point  in history been the bullied ones, but instead of being fearless standing their grounds they fell back in fear, becoming the oppressors. Their world view is fragmented, they see good or evil, not good and evil. They stay behind the scenes and their only religion and political view is Power and the means is Money. They infiltrate any group reaching critical mass for being a messenger, including countries. Many of these families moved to the USA but didn’t form the country, and didn’t fight for their independence. Nor did they fight in their wars, they largely caused them. They would never fight, that’s what they have pawns for.

So if we can say, no thank you, I won’t fight your war and I won’t play your game, take your jabs, use your control passports, it is a peaceful way to dilute their power, and family karma. We would absorb their atrocities committed through the ages like a filter eliminating pollution.

The best way to not play along as pawns in their power game of fear is to:

1. Stop buying their products, services and propaganda as much as possible, and these would be everything owned by at least but not limited to Blackrock, Vanguard, Fidelity, UBS and State Street. Basically it means buy as little as possible, specially of all large brands. Make Christmas present free.

Stop intoxicating yourself with their drugs, chemicals, drinks and their fake food. Keep your biochemistry clean because it’s the boss, and you won’t be able to think clearly with a body drugged with Coke, meds or fries.

2. Stop voting for their puppies, most likely the old parties as their methodical infiltration takes time Follow the money, see who donated or offered family members jobs, like Pfizer did with Ursula von DER Leyens husband.

3. Stop taking their Oaths, any Oaths, in particular loans, jobs and consent forms. Don’t sign things. Be your own, sell your time but don’t let them own you. Live as much as possible without subscribing to anything needing a promise, like contract, subscription, etc, but if you have to, know that you do.  Don’t lie to yourself.

Basically the above is the best Mind Detox we know of. It’s really getting ourselves free from bondage and the programming that comes with it. Not until then can we jump off their Monopoly Game and stop being their pawns. No amount of self-aid methods can help as long as you give your life to their foul play.

Whining oneself off the grid takes time especially if you have a family who’s in the grid. If you have kids consider alternative schools or even homeschooling to avoid them getting groomed into the system. This last point is something I have realized too late about my own children and if I could redo it I would never have put them into a English Curriculum, the door the Hollywood which is nothing but their media bureau. I quickly noticed a difference when the mean girly-girly movies entered their lives. The PJM’s largest language is English. (I will write about why it is so important with language in these choices at another time.)

If you want to learn more about this look up “Science for Hire”, “Died Suddenly” and “the Real Anthony Fauci” on alternative video platforms such as Rumble. com. Follow “The Highwire” and the “Childrens Health Defense”. We will keep giving you digital health tips as long as there are platforms available to do so. We have been blocked from YouTube again so we’ll drop it and move on to other ones. Fb seems to be kind again but I don’t want to support them so I only use them to oppose the PJM.

Consider a Covid Jab Detox – you find our protocol on

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