An Apple a Day

Soon the apple season in the northern hemisphere is at its best and the old variants locally grown will flood the markets. They are by far the most healthy ones but it would probably not be enough with one. If they are organic the peel will have that amazing cloudy layer of microbiome which will help your immune system for months after eating it. Eating apples is considered one of the best remedies for detoxing.

As the saying goes it’s an easy thing to eat an apple to keep the doctor away. One was maybe enough some eighty years ago when people didn’t eat meat more than a few times a week and no jabs or factory food existed yet.

It’s fibre will bind to the transfats found in all animal sourced food keeping the over weight away and the blood cleaned. Further the pectin in apples will bind to other toxins to serve as a chelation and help the body to get rid of the bad stuff like no other common fruit, so never peel your apples and get the organic old variants.

Getting rid of the rancid oxidized fats is a good idea as it’s one of the main causes for vascular disease such as blood clots. Hydrogenated and highly elaborated vegetable oils and the goods made with them such as packaged factory produced “foods”, are also sources of these killers.

These days it’s even more important to make your blood flow through your veins without obstacles if you have gotten the C jabs in particular some of them such as the one with the German name and modern. Microbiologist all over the world found them containing substances that gel in the blood, probably bonding with the hydrogen in the water we all have a lot of in us. That would explain why we see all the so called Turbo Cancers, the extremely high rate of myocarditis, liver and kidney failure and other life treating issues. It would also explain all the leading cause of death, in the ACM (all cause mortality) stats coming out now, which is “unknown”.

In the USA, the UK and in Israel the n. 1, all highly VA x countries, the number one cause of death is classified “unknown cause” for the first time since these stats were first collected!

Anyone that has followed the opponents of the past years “health” care measures knows what that so called unknown cause is and so do the undertakers and the ignored and silenced doctors and life insurance companies. So eat apples, look us up for an individualized detox and avoid transfats and jabs.

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