Akasha and it’s records

Akasha आकाश – the element of the “Primary Substance” (but it’s not a substance!).
The best English can do is to translate it to Ether and like radio waves it carries all thought waves, but the meaning is longtime lost from ancient Europeans ancestors who used the concept too.

It’s not space, not void, but the first subtle energy sprung from the collective and individual faculty of all thoughts and emotions. Everything is recorded, every thought, every emotion and doing. Think of it is the seed of the seed.
This invisible force exist as per Ayurveda in-between particles and mass in a type of aura, for example in cavities in the body or in-between cells.

In all we think, say and do there is an #akashic record that like the other natural elements, comes back polluted when we pollute it, like polluted air or #water.
The #karmic journey we all have to face as a collective and individual is to feel out what “pollution”  is?
All #religions give advice upon what is “good”, #christianity by the 10 #commandments, #buddhism with the Eightfold Path, etc, of which many are the same. Nature clearly shows us and we include humans as natural.

In order for us to #detox the Akasha  we have to face ourselves and truly align with our inner felt truth. Needless to say that it helps to be healthy and fit as Biochemistry is Boss (O•8, number 3, Mind Detox class).
Basically we have to feel authentic, not right, and understand that whatever we send out comes back.

A clear Akash within is doing what we truly believe is right and “evolution” is slowly but surely getting us to where the #universe wants us to go. That’s obvious and natural law.
The sooner we connect to the wifi of Go(o)d the faster our collective evolution is and we get thousand if opportunities to “see” ourselves daily. If we don’t we’ll probably have to start all over again. What do you think?

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