Is This Health Care?

October 2nd was Gandhi’s birthday. It’s a lovely day celebrated by yogis and many others to remember the man who personifies Ahimsa, which means non-violence (Sanskrit, from a ‘non-, without’ + hiṃsā ‘violence’).

Ghandi realized that in force and violence we all lose. He asked his followers to deal with their anger through prayer and meditation, but he also asked them to stand calmly in their truth and join him in peaceful protests with well-founded arguments. Today we see the same clash in between those who ask for an open debate and open statistics, and those who trust in their governments, or – do they still? 

Australian Health Care?

I walked the streets during a recent protest and saw well-informed and well-educated people begging their leaders to allow open debates around COVID-19, but the governments refuse to even entertain the space to listen to their sources – virologists, epidemiologists, Nobel Prize winners, inventors of vaccines, lawyers, psychologists, medical doctors and a whole score of other experts. Why did we vote for these governments? Or did we? Are we, in retrospect, in any way guilty for this mess?

Yes, I believe we are always responsible for the activities of our government, both at the time of voting and during the tenure of the elected government’s term, and to fact check the information they give us. We (unfortunately) can’t expect democracy to live by voting one day every fourth year, presuming that things do not change from the first day to the next and often by forces we don’t know about, aren’t told about, and always with either nefarious or noble intentions. The other 1460 days we have to be sceptical and alert as we were when we went to the voting booth.

History teaches us the following things

1. Power corrupts.

The sooner we accept this fact about our human psychology the sooner we can stifle it. Those who seek power will be more susceptible to this disease, than those driven by more noble aims, but all of us are potentially vulnerable to the enticements of power. 

2. Divide and conquer.

The sooner we see that democracy destroyers use this historically common and well known weapon, that of dividing people in various forms and antagonist inducing views in order to rule us, the sooner we can join forces in spite of our differences. The sooner we can stop this tactic, the faster we can get back to our families and healthy, democratic, freedom and to embracing life’s beauties instead. 

In many Western countries I see slumbering, fearful or tired people just accepting what their governments told them to do in the name of “health care”. They chose to follow orders in so that they can get “back to normal”. Are they just lazy or are they too fearful to ask why, to check the opponents’ viewpoints and make claim to democracy’s greatest feature, the right to open debate. I think it starts with laziness, with the “fat & happy” syndrome (expression used in entrepreneurship). Then fear kicks in when suddenly the gut says something is going on, and slowly they start waking from their anesthesia. This is when we can jump into denial for a while when too much is at stake. A government employee is probably going to be more loyal to a government decree than an entrepreneur or a student.

I believe most (who do not suffer from the brain defect of psychopathy) would know that what we see today is wrong – if they would allow themselves to feel their guts. More and more do. More and more people are waking up to the shock of having been lied to by their governments, like all the double-injected who are suddenly back to stamp zero the day they are call back for booster number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… and so on, if Pfizer gets to continue ruling our governments.

Even those who have the most at stake (politicians, state employees, medical professionals, authority workers, police, military staff, etc) are blowing the whistle now. Governments will only take so much before their fear of the mob makes them resign. That’s what we see right now. Ministers resign all over the world starting with Netanyahu in Israel leaving a country in worst Covid havoc. Two years seems like an eternity for people to get it, but it’s not. It’s the fastest global awakening in human history and if you have known BigPharma and scrutinized their previous marketing campaigns, like I have, you know that this one was fast and big. Hitler was elected 4 years before he took the Rhineland. By then he had oppressed the Germans for years and when they occupied independent countries three years later the world still didn’t react fast.

I’m sure that internet is a blessing for democracy and new tech like Blockchain will store information to make it even faster next time, because knowing our human psychology we will always have to endure those who take and will oppress free speech, free markets and democracy in order to take more, more, more, more…. of everything, even bodies and lives. With free and open debate we can all seek information and if needed we will all “do a Gandhi” or a da Bruno, a Kennedy, a MLK, a Snowden, an Assange, a Shi Xengli a Karen Kingston, a Judy Mikovitz, etc, to keep the debate open –  the base of free markets, of science and democracy. Connect.

Walk with us to ask for debate and stand strong in Ahimsa. Next time is November 20th, all over the world. Join us on Telegram to know when. ✊🤲👍


Post edit – I’m thrilled that the journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Mutatov got the Nobel Peace Prize 2021, for their fight for a free press!!

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