What is Go(o)d, is a healthy question – Part 2/3

To ask what is good or bad can ultimately only be a personal question – a very healthy question humans have battled with for centuries and the answers were of course dependent on socio-economic factors at the time of asking. In Part 1 of this blog we argue that the answer to what is “Good” for each of us can only be answered with the body or the gut feeling and that too probably evolves (with the rest of evolution). It seems to me that too many times we have had a “Good” intention, but sooner or later it’s been colonized by greed and fear when it gets acknowledgment, whether it is a religions, political, economic system or even humanitarian motivation. Why is this colonizing of great ideas so common and how do we avoid it is what we are interested in?

First we probably have to figure out who is doing the asking, really, and on what basis (society) and state of the body (state of senses and health). Considering that we are only some 4 trillion human cells, but some 40 trillion microbial cells (our biome) and viruses (our virome), only the Creator of us would know how many other forms live in and on us that we haven’t invented technology to see yet. What we do know is that we inhale about particles such as viruses and other friends in every breath, and there are millions circulating in your blood right now. I see us as national parks of microbes and so is everything else around us, the food, the soil it comes from, the water, trees – and they all make “choices” that affect your choice in that if you keep them happy you will be healthy, and they will allow the terrain for happy hormones, a self-confident body, a strong immune system, a cleansing lymph, and a pumping heart, to mention a few of the biochemical process we need to hopefully make those Good choices. This debunks the concept of choice as it really debunks the “Me”.

Who makes the choice?

If this is the Physical Part (Ayurveda explains 5 parts) the another layer is the Thinking (Manas = Mind) and it’s pretty obvious that we seldom if ever have any original thought, and if we do it’s called intuition in our language, and then we are back in the Physical. School and parenting is all about teaching us a set of thoughts on what is Good and what is Bad, and it differs depending on time and where we grew up.

So if we are not independent of the environment and our society, then who are we? I leave that open as I see life as a magical, mystical, intriguing love affaire. At Olive we demystify health but we mystify life in the process and leave that knowledge to the Creator, whom I can feel but not know. Just as I can feel my small friends, the germs who are not at all bad in themselves, but only express disease in us if our immune system is bad. Then they are as ill as the host. We have millions of “evil” microbes in and on us but they only cause infection when we try to kill them or our immun system becomes too weak and they can’t survive in a weak body so they start fighting for their habitat against each other until we go back to the soil and they jump to another cell-host. It’s nature’s homeostasis – the constant striving for balance that Ayurveda is all about. Humans wouldn’t have evolved without viruses.

I call Ayurveda “Energy Management” when I teach corporate groups. As an example, the environment in the womb that allowed us to be born as mammals rather than come out as eggs was thanks to protective viruses. The mitochondria in our cells that produce energy for us from food and oxygen came from ancient viruses. In our perspective, and many with us, we are Nature, which can be described as a never ending process of biochemical exchanges of energies and particles. We are evolution, and human history is part of it no doubt, so this raises the question: who is making the choice if there isn’t an I?

That question is most likely not “you” alone, or at least we have very little knowledge of all the aspects of the “you” and “me” and the infinite choices made for us before making that choice. It might look as if you have a choice but when you consider it for a few seconds you often don’t have more than a set of choices and therefore not always a chance, specially if you are stuck in poverty or a “casta” (the root word for Caste system).

Ayurveda helps us on the way by dividing us into 5 different parts of which some are metaphysical, more on that in the next blog. Still so, humans have no clue who that “I” is after some 10.000 years in spite of the many books and minds speculating about it. Personally I don’t see that we even have the mind, brain or body to conceptualize and much less understand the whole universe, but I can believe that we are entangled and influenced by anything or anyone in ways we have just started to comprehend. I came to this understanding through a practice of peaceful feeling and using my senses. It is my nature (body -including my brain/mind) that felt it, not through studies, that merely gave me a theory. Even if I sometimes still feel that I have a choice of doing good, I know very well that it’s all relative the options I have at the time of making the choice, and on what level the choice is made. The only way to make a right choice is to ask what I feel about it, as in asking my gut if you wish, or as Ayurveda would recommend to ask one’s breath and your own Prana (life force). Intuition could be the right word, but it’s not the rational mind I’m talking about.

We simply acknowledge that no one has any better clue about me and my health than myself, detoxed from all theory. It’s like a mother who senses that something is wrong with her baby even if every white robe says there’s nothing wrong, and many patients have witnessed this. Self-trust becomes my religion, my healer, and my cellular creator. Me reading and interpreting myself becomes my Go(o)dly text and Good, and my temple becomes my body.

At Olive we call it Feel for Real. Old healing traditions often call it the sixth sense, an intelligence beyond the senses and the thinking – a feeling. Practicing it one ultimately stands safe in oneself and being aware of it as a belief rather than a “truth” attempt, not an ultimate choice. We appreciate and clearly see that recommendations we are offered are someone else’s beliefs that maybe have arisen with good intentions at first, like vaccines. But with COVID I sense that the Good was colonized and following BigPharma and their methods and science for some 25 years, I’m not surprised. Now my choice is relative their given options, but it’s definitely not my choice. Even if it might seem that I have a choice I never had a chance.

Fear, division and separation is often the taught way of making choices, and it’s by this “paranoia” or division and competition we went wrong from the very beginning, thereby separating us humans from Nature, our microbes, animals, plants and other humans (against all common sense and evolution). This is traceable back to the Sumerian Sagas or the separation of Purusha-Prakrit in the vedic texts which lead to dualism, a hot topic in hinduism still today which we elaborate more on in Part 3, coming soon.

In order to figure out what is good and not good concerning your health (life), we invite you to study your options and then “feel them” and that’s when your healthy biochemistry will show you the way. Do it when you are peaceful, because hyperactivity is the antagonist to feeling ones intuition. It doesn’t need to be silent, or a special place, just stop and feel, find your peace. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t invoke words (analysis) so start your practice and you’ll get better and more intuitive with it. Know it’s a bodily belief, and that you will most likely revise it as you change all the time. What we want is to avoid the learnt and programmed feelings and thoughts, often being self-oppression or self-induction. Both can equally be disease-care, not health care. Health is never a moral question it’s a intuitive question, and it’s about being the connected YOU as opposed to the isolated or “programmed” you. So stay Healthy and you’ll be fine.

In Part 1 of this series on Go(o)d we give you the O-metod of feeling your good.

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