Where is G(o)od? – Part 1/3

Did we lose God or is it only the O we lost in our interpretation of our Gods?

From a historic perspective I don’t believe the O stayed for very long in all new Gods that appeared every 500 years or so. It seems to me that it started off very nice in most religious groups but they all got taken by those who rule others through fear and fragmentation. No, it wasn’t better before, at least not 100 years ago, not even 50 years ago and today we see fear separating us again. This “God” is a virus and the prophets – the “experts”, politicians – and the biased texts they lean on is media. Self-entitled and greedy people with power have always festered those that haven’t got the same power from birth. They use the same methods of bullying, stonewalling, threatening as always to get them to do what serves those in power. Fear is key: “If you don’t… I entitle myself to hurt you/this horrible thing will happen”

So where does the God and Good go separate ways? I think that happens when we separated from nature in our minds and forget other individuals by doing so, putting ourselves and “the cause” (mind) first, often (maybe always) to enrich or empower ourselves. That’s when the dogma bites the Good and clinches to God’s back as an angry self-entitled monkey and blurs the vision of the messengers who prefer to be told what to do and be “good” citizens, all the while forgetting the original purpose. Isn’t that what happened in all our religions and their sects, political and economic systems, businesses, families… and the list goes on? I wonder sometimes why humans do this? Is it even wrong or is it what nature wants from us as being a part of it? I certainly don’t feel my body wants that. I highly disapprove of imposed and forced touch of my physical, mental, emotional or energetic body and what is going on with forced vaccines doesn’t make sense to me.

When we know they are wrong but we don’t react we create a dangerous disharmony within us. If I don’t react to the ‘Gods’ that rule me I’m writing my own slow death sentence as I’m convinced that lying to oneself creates disease.

I believe most of us want to be and do good but sometimes we don’t think we can and I certainly don’t know how to stop Gates, or the American army from bombing everywhere, or the Chinese from oppressing their people and exporting their oppressive ideas, but I know it’s wrong and I conform with my small and probably insignificant act against the oppressors. I do this with awareness and I know I go against my will many times, but I don’t lie to myself. This is where health comes in. The self lie creates dissonance and in some cases long term “chronic disease” as explained in Ayurveda and other holistic theories. Whatever you do, don’t lie to yourself. It gets worse when we medicate with other lies and drugs to forget for a while. The health remedy here is not a herb or more exercise – never! It is putting the O back in what we do and in those we support. It’s the single most important way to heal any chronic dis-ease. Here is how you put the O back in to your ‘God’ (those who rule your body, mind and energy).

  1. First ask yourself what is good for you, not for your religion, not for your nation, but for you. – Ex. You don’t believe the Covid vaccine is good, in spite of a good analysis of it.
  2. Then see how you can be your good, and how you can revise your habits and your way of living on a regular basis. – Ex. You don’t take the vaccine and you stay “under the radar” as long as possible.
  3. If the cost of being who you truly are comes with a too high cost, may it be an upset family, a fine or even prison time, you make sure it’s worth the risk, or you change the system first. – Ex. If the cost of refusing the vaccine is to lose your job, only you can decide if it’s worth it. In the same time you do what you can to change the system that put you in this situation.

If you see the pros and cons and it’s not worth it and you go against your beliefs, you are not lying to yourself, which is hugely important to be in resonance with oneself. If you don’t like yourself while going along with what you dislike, you shouldn’t. Read more about The practice of Yama and Niyama as per Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda – Gurvadi Gunas – a system of opposites that can be applied to everything in life.

In Part 2 we explore where the O was lost and in Part 3 why it was lost.

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