“The terrain is everything” confirmed again

Pasteur himself admitted it on his deathbed, after a lifetime of studies of bacteria and microbiome defining them as bad or good: “Le microbe n’est rien. Le terraine est tout. (The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.)” By terrain, he meant the environment in the body, in which the microbe can thrive when it is unhealthy or be kept at bay if it’s healthy “terrain”. The process of Pasteurization is named after him, acknowledging the importance of microbes for our health. The world has to thank him for penicillin (that led to antibiotics) as his discovery. We can’t blame him or Ian Fleming for the overuse of antibiotics in the case of say, animal farming, which uses about two times more than human health industries, destroying the terrain more than helping it.

So far nothing is new at Olive, and not one word has been changed from our course material, post CoV2. What has changed is the world’s perception of “the terrain”, and we are thrilled to see how people are wanting to get healthy, work on their habits, and heal their “chronic” diseases. Since the outbreak, and more so after we offered online retreats and training (🙏💚) we haven’t stopped using our original mantra – it starts with the gut. What has changed for us after CoV2 stepped into the human drama, besides squeezing us into laptops and phones, is that it validated our work of 25 years. As Pasteur’s famous quote on his death bed goes, we had to heal our terrain long ago. Since we realized that the solution to health is never a derived from petrochemicals, even if they want us to believe it is. Then we went on to helped others heal all sort of diseases and illnesses, mental and physical, by healing their terrains. It takes about 3 months to heal what could have been an issue for years, including CVD and cancer, the two big killers (~80%). I would estimate that only 10% or less of all our clients over all these years have had to do more invasive healing methods after changing their terrain.

The simple O-methods would include a healthy vegan diet, specific exercises, herbal remedies, acupressure, non-invasive detoxes, mind and soul work. 90% heal by eating and doing what we conclude is healing for them – it’s that easy. Very few would have to continue with enemas, longer herbal treatments, etc. Doing the opposite of what is healthy will drastically increase the risk of death when we need our immune system to be at their best. So what’s making people live and eat unhealthy?

When we asked our guests, what made them fall into bad habits again and it is what they call social pressure and stress. Unhealthy habits have been normalized, and not worth getting rid of if “friends” go with the slow killing habits, as well as all the ice cream or wine eaten together with them. The compromise is not always a friendship, and includes the costs of the huge denial in doing what we know is bad. There must be another added value to stick to what one knows is bad for one’s health and that is the first detective work everybody who wants to get physically and mentally healthy has to do. Ask yourself what are the benefits you get from an unhealthy habit? Then the other detective work is to find out what is healthy.

Thanks to Corona Virus 2, we feel and see a change in people waking up and getting out of their curfew caves, to a new world that is questioning the authorities in all health sectors, and we love it. Those authorities who told us it’s normal to inject mercury (preserves vaccines) in our newborn babies for the good of the rest of the world, those who say it’s good to eat pills derived from petroleum that will destroy another part of the body with secondary (de-)effects, those who say hot dogs, sugary fruit juices and biscuits are food, those who say dead animal corpses don’t contain dangerous microbes for humans (Mad cows d., SARS, Ebola, MERS, HIV, Corona…) those who say dairy cows are happy cows, those who say it’s good to put chemicals on your body, and that industrial farming saves lives in poor countries are being questioned now. Eureka!

All those authorities are in one way or the other gathered in Codex Alimentarius (the Big 5). Personally I stepped out of my cave of darkness in 1995 and have since questioned and learnt more. I signed petitions, actively started some, spent a lot of time and money to find out more about the research and the messengers and the money flowing in between them. I got to know great people in the process, those who had nothing to win, all to loose but their health. Many of them are still around and still involved. Many were silenced. I could write thriller maffia stories only from my own experience or from the doctors I worked with, but it’s all been written already, Stuffed and Starved, Earth Democracy, Plandemic, In Defense of Food, The Cholesterol Myth, und so weiter, all written by highly educated people. I’m more interested in the thinking behind the denial and what the “positive” aspects are to live in denial.

Maybe this time there will be enough people and a few angry presidents, who can’t stand the fraud in the medical system any loger, to question the whole health system that has had some 100 years to do better than petro-chemical derived “medicine” (that they can patent) for people but do so for profit instead . So what is the anestesia people have woken up from? More on that in my next blog (and …book 🙂 and why using the word conspiracy or business is only semantics.

One big awakening these months is the huge cancel culture we are exposed to. It has arrived as a social media warfare.

You can also read my answer to this question on my fb page (Cristina Azcarate), if it’s not taken down yet 🙂

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