Not Conspiracy, Just A Classical Daddy Issue

If you see the Corona fraud as a conspiracy or business as usual, is semantics. From both perspectives those committing “the fraud” think they are in their right to do so. I see it as what I call a classical “Daddy Issue”. It arises, when we are surprised and realize Daddy doesn’t have our best interest in mind and is not protecting us as we assumed. Daddy is in this Corona case the authorities, and we realize that Daddy is only thinking of himself and/or his reputation.  Then we question his laws as would any teenager and depending upon the Daddy we have chosen for our protection, the outcome of being questioned is either co-operation in some form for a better solution, or Daddy oppresses and ridicules the kid. The later outcome is what women, ethnic groups, slaves and many others have fought for as long as we have existed as humans and now, in this round of Corona, we are fighting Daddy on a global level. I see it as human striving to get rid of Alpha behavior when we see that the little protection the Alpha gives us is not worth our obedience anymore. The oppression usually has a process, and the more Dick-tatorial the system is the two first steps are often skipped:

  1. Ignore the kids’ questions.
  2. Get upset and make the kid feel ashamed for questioning Daddy’s love and doings such as – “…I do everything for you, I worked my whole life for you, you are never grateful…”
  3. Confrontation and expulsion from the group – imprisonment into the teenage room, the burka, the crazy room, the menopause room, the race room, the poverty room, fool’s room, or any other room for questioners, where Daddies set the rules of who is “normal” and/or what room to send the loved kid to with their unanswered, impertinent, questions.

When the questioner realizes that Daddy’s agenda is not considering them or their thoughts as much as themselves, they’ll start fighting back and/or escaping – fight or flight reaction – from Daddy’s “love” as they realized that life is better without that kind of love. To not feel protected is hugely stressful, but to live in false protection can be even worse and can lead to a chronic denial with all sorts of drugs (food, alcohol incl.) to cover the pain and fear. When the feeling of oppression is suffocating, there is no way back but to obey authority or change Daddy. If Daddy’s rules are the same everywhere escaping won’t work, and if the question is about one’s life one can really only accept, deny, or change daddy which in the case of mandatory vaccines or curfews will be a tough fight and it can only be won when we questioners are many. We would need a few governments to stand up on our side too. Is it likely to happen this time?

History is packed with this type of oppression by race, gender, age, species, and it all comes down to Daddy thinking he is in his right to oppress and impose his laws (as he “loves” the kid so much) over those who have been born with less power to decide over their own lives. I believe we are slowly but surely getting rid of this Alpha monkey behavior. Simply put, we are tired of being oppressed and not even getting protection back. Some of us will have to get more hits by Daddy for being obnoxious. Now health professionals are silenced, and those who dare post their questions on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are being taken down. Why the health and food sector is so viscous compared to other sectors is a question which I have researched and speculated about in other blogs, read more here.

The process is ramped up by the thousands who question the rules in the medical field and for someone like us at Olive who have questioned authorities all the time we are hoping that this time around it will make a change. Time is running out for us as a species, the first one to our knowledge to bring a mass extinction upon itself. We only see one way out of it, if any, and that is for us humans to stay healthy and fundamentally change our consumption and eating habits. We learned to dance around both food and medical laws when you couldn’t even say the word vegan without being seen as a pariah, and we did it by simply not buying Daddy’s lies or products, both for our own health and for the sake of not giving them our money. We use their system (money) to change them. If more of us refuse buy their stuff we believe even BigFood and BigPharma will make sure to produce what we will buy. If we there are no good alternatives voting blank (the US on themselves) is great to refuse another Daddy regime and if we want to walk the streets, here are some suggestions for a manifesto:

  1. Unbiased authorities – any authority who recommends the public should not stand to profit from the recommendations.
  2. Unbiased media – any media that publishes scientific research should not stand to profit from the publication.
  3. Public universities should conduct all science and the people (government) should own the patents and allow all companies to make products on equal terms.
  4. Foundations should not act as investors (with profit in mind) or act as companies or be converted and ruled under company law.
  5. Marketing rules need to be applied and scrutinized by governmental and consumer organisations in food, cosmetic and the health sector (too).

If you want to read why these five, here is one of my answers to a question posted on Facebook (if it’s still up) on why we can’t trust BigPharma and BigFood and their messengers:

I suggest you look at the methodology and the messenger before you even go to the results of any study or you would have to check the results and not the text. Most bias studies twist the text to favor their agenda and not show the real result. If the messenger gets paid (as Nature and other scientific papers do by BigPharma) it most likely won’t be an impartial article if they don’t feel the pressure to be unbiased.

It’s like talking religion with those who believe God wrote the bible. I don’t think God wrote the bible, I think it was a bunch of men (good and bad), and I equally don’t think those who stand to profit from recommending a medication should recommend anything. If you think it’s wrong to question their recommendations, then read no further, but I will continue to question and ask on what bases they recommend new laws for mandatory vaccines, treatments and food. Last time I had to do this time-consuming job, we got 1M signatures and we stopped vitamins from being illegalized in the EU. It took us 3 years and lasted until they tried again with new money from well thought trough founding strategies. The 80 billion Euros they get for Corona vaccine now, from taxpayers or through all their hundreds of foundations (pink ribbon, AICR, etc), to do the expensive lobbying, falsely accounted for as a research budget.

Back then they had over 500 full time employed lobbyists in Brussels and other key places, to sell their ideas mostly paid by German and American pharma. I think it should be an independent authority not business paid “experts” who recommend and control all treatments and food, but it’s the opposite now, for historic reasons (I won’t go into it here but please read my blogs or any book like Stuffed and Starved by Raj Patel).

We voters and consumers have accepted the system as we can’t be bothered to question it. This is what I call a “Daddy issue” where we want to be protected on one hand but are too lazy to check the protector and when we realize the mafia job they are doing, we get angry at an old system that was like this from the start. The reaction we see now (as in the Bird flu vaccine recommendation 2006 when governments spent billions on wrong recommendations, later published as if it was news!) is to a highly dysfunctional industry where five big business areas (Codex Alimentarius) decide their own rules for science, such as what we call “food”, and for the medication that we need after eating their food. If you compare this sector to other industries such as the finance or telecom it would be totally impossible to see financial firms or banks give orders to central banks on micro finance policies. It’s equally impossible in the telecom sector. If you even invite the regulatory authority for lunch you have to make sure it’s an open meeting with protocol and all other player’s need to get the same chance, at least in democratic countries, what ever that means today.

The “prestigious” papers (you mentioned Nature) and media however are still getting most of their revenues from these big five, so even if there is plenty of nutritional or herbal science it will not get published and it’s called “bad science” as the President from Madagascar pointed out a few weeks ago. Lives don’t count as much as money in the food and medical business. Regulatory authorities also get paid by the industry, with the Swedish Socialstyrelsen being one of the best in the world, getting “only” 70% of their revenues from BigPharma and BigFood. The whole sector is a sad dysfunctional nightmare started at the turn of last century, getting worse because of the wars and the military rule over the chemical industry (the mother industry), maybe with good intentions at the start but for sure they lost all that.

I realized all this (as most of us do) when you need a treatment…hopefully you won’t. If you are strong enough in spite of just having gotten a diagnosis to ask for stats you’ll see how faulty they are, then you will most likely be forced to take the medication or you are on your own (but still paying through taxes or health insurance + your alternative medicine that is not covered). This is not health democracy.

I got to question all this when I had to, and I was lucky to have studied and I worked with stats so I could quickly see that their methodology was wrong. In my field (telecom) it would never have been accepted as science. To give you one example they don’t ever research or include those who opted for natural treatments in the stats. This was 1995, and it’s much worse today. As medical companies (as the researchers) write the medical literature for doctors, of course they wouldn’t recommend “anecdotal” remedies, such as lifestyle habits. You might know that medical doctors don’t study nutrition (in the west).

I still think this is wrong, and many with me want Health Democracy and I think everyone should be allowed to get much more diversified alternatives and not only patented treatments to choose from, even if they call it alternative (should be the other way around, as their products are alternative to something that has been around as long as humans existed!). The dysfunction in this industry is that companies base their business on patents and will never be interested in herbs etc, as they can’t be patented (the orange invented the vitamin C, not a human) although they often try that too and go to court for years and account the lawyers bills as “research”.

The only way out of this terribly dysfunctional industry is to stop buying their products and they will start selling healthy food and herbs too. It’s not just me who only studied nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine and biochemistry apart from my MA in Economics (a lot of statistics). I’m not a doctor but if you want doctors listen to Dr. Zach Bush MD (triple certified), Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., Dr. Neal Barnard, MD (president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (who sued FDA for false recommendations, and they won all cases so far), or check out some Swedes David Stenholtz (oncologist), Sanna Ehdin (PhD psycoimmunology), Professor at KI, Karl E. Arfors (a famous whistle blower, Chief Scientist at Pharmacia US), who got fed up with the manipulation of the research. There are plenty of doctors and scientists who got as disappointed with this dysfunctional system as many patients. Then you would have heard both sides, but before that you are the one who is part of their propaganda, as you claim I’m part of the conspiracy. I’m not at all a into conspiracy. I call it ruthless money making with life and lives at stake and it’s ONLY going to be stopped by us, people, not daddy. BigPharm and BigFood like keeping us half alive, not dead nor healthy, overweight, alcohol and junk food eating zombies who think they “have to” buy their petroleum derived drugs.

Btw here is the latest on MBGF and the 80 billion euros they get from EU tax payers. If this goes to mandatory vaccines and if this is done with mRNA and live cells (dogs, pigs, mouse, monkey or human cells) we will continue the problem and scale it up enormously as these cells are impossible to rid from other microbes. This is how HIV, Coronas and other diseases got transmitted to us humans as mutations, which Dr. Mikovits was the whistle blower for in the early nineties. Read Plage of Corruption, or see Brian Rose interview her and many others on London Real TV, who had to start his own video hosting and server storage in the fumes of Corona, as BigTech seem to have fallen into the grip of the BigPetro mafia family.

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